Common Macbook Problems and How to Solve Them

Common Macbook Problems and Ways to Solve Them

Even if Macbooks are known for their reliability, people are bound to encounter issues with the computer eventually. Some who are not as tech-savvy might think that the Mac is done for and that buying a replacement is the only option. While that is a potential way to resolve the problem, not everyone can afford to spend money on a new computer every time there is something wrong with its performance. There are ways you can salvage the situation yourself. Here is a list of common Macbook problems you will encounter as well as the solutions to these problems. 

Problem #1 – Lacklustre Battery Life

Is your Macbook charger not working properly? The problem in this situation might be too difficult to reverse on your own, and getting a replacement or taking the laptop to a service store is a good option. On the other hand, lacklustre battery life is not necessarily the result of the charger. Some people go overboard with the number of background applications as well as visual effects.

Start with disabling visual effects if any of them are active on your computer. Check the Activity Monitor and see which processes are consuming the most resources. The applications at the top of the list are the biggest offenders when it comes to Macbook’s battery consumption as well. Close background apps you do not need.  It is also recommended to shut the Macbook down when you no longer use it. The method is more effective than putting it to sleep as far as the battery life goes.


Problem #2 – Loud Fan Noise


Common Macbook Problems and Ways to Solve Them


Loud fan noise is a hindrance to the overall computer performance, and it indicates that your Mac’s internal hardware is at risk as well. The dust and dirt that accumulate inside the Mac are one of the most common causes behind loud fan noises. It does not help if you are stuck in a poorly ventilated room with no AC. The solution is simple; remove the dirt inside the computer, and, if possible, make sure that the temperature in a room is not too high. 

Problem #3 – Overheating

Similar to loud internal fan noises, Macbook overheating is also a cause of all the filth inside the computer. Though it is worth mentioning that resource-heavy applications also play a prominent role in overburdening the hardware and causing it to overheat. In addition to the solutions mentioned in problem #2, you can also get a cooling pad. The accessory is quite cheap, and it is a good addition, particularly when you have to use the Mac in a room with poor ventilation.

Problem #4 – Spinning Beach Ball


Common Macbook Problems and Ways to Solve Them


A spinning beach ball becomes annoying after it starts to be persistent. If it appears for a second and disappears right away, then it should not be a noticeable problem. However, as soon as it takes more than a few seconds for the ball to disappear, you should not hesitate and take some action. Check the computer for malware and viruses. Remove the temporary system junk and other data to have enough free disk space. Check if the system is up to date.

Regular restarts or forcing an application shut when the spinning beach ball stays for too long is a temporary solution. You will need to find a solution that will solve it for good. If none of the suggestions help, you still have the option to reinstall the operating system.

Problem #5 – Slow Internet Browser

Troubles with an internet connection can stem from multiple sources. In some cases, it is the ISP who is at fault. At other times, there is a hindrance to the Wi-Fi because of third-party peripherals, such as scanners. But if you are having the most issues with an internet browser because it crashes and freezes, the problem may lie in the browser itself. Some people install too many extensions that require more resources than one might think. Moreover, failing to clear the browser cache regularly does not help either. Lastly, if you have multiple tabs open simultaneously, expecting an internet browser to perform optimally is a waste of time. You can always take a simple approach and get another application. Replacing the current internet browser with an alternative is likely to solve the issue. 

Problem #6 – Kernel Panic


Common Macbook Problems and Ways to Solve Them


If the operating system crashes and asks you to restart the Macbook, it means that you are dealing with a kernel panic. Thankfully, kernel panics are relatively rare, and restarting the computer helps most of the time. If restarts are not doing it, unplug add-ons and try to restart again. Corrupted system files or missing data are another cause. See if you can reverse deleted files or get rid of corrupted data and whether that will help.