A Guide to Cyprus’s Digital Nomad Visa

Cyprus consistently ranks high as a migration destination, and for good reason. Beyond being an ideal vacation spot for tourists and a welcoming haven for expatriates, this picturesque country also caters to the needs of digital nomads.

With a history of warmly embracing foreign residents, Cyprus provides various residence permits, granting access to its stunning climate, scenic landscapes, and vibrant cities. Notably, among these is a permit specifically crafted for digital nomads, inviting any aspiring nomad seeking a place to settle to cast their eye on this beautiful country.

Guide to Digital Nomad Visas

The idea of relocating abroad whilst still pursuing a remote career is a prospect many are finding increasingly enticing, particularly in a post-pandemic world where more and more are discovering the benefits of working from home.

This trend is part of a whole new way of working: Enter the digital nomad.

Digital nomads are individuals who sustain their livelihoods online while residing outside their permanent country of residence. Various types of visas can facilitate this lifestyle, with the digital nomad visa being, of course, the most convenient.

Digital nomad visas open doors for individuals wanting to work remotely in a foreign country, each with unique application processes, permitted lengths of stay, tax regulations, and associated costs that impact their lives on new shores.

While not all countries offer such visas, Cyprus took a step forward in 2021 by launching its own Digital Nomad Visa Scheme, allowing nomads to apply and work in this captivating country.

Why Choose Cyprus as a Digital Nomad?

When one contemplates Cyprus, thoughts of its beautiful warm climate, lines of picturesque coastlines and oceans to explore, and stunning landscapes adorned with UNESCO World Heritage sites, Byzantine architecture, and rich cultural history may take centre stage.

This alone is an enticing draw to Cyprus’s shores. Yet, for the digital nomad also seeking a secure and affordable lifestyle to support their professional endeavours, Cyprus also offers a compelling solution.

Eurostat data reveals that the country is relatively cost-effective compared to its EU counterparts, with the average price level standing 10% lower than the EU average. This translates into affordable housing, reasonable food prices, accessible public transport, and even favourable tax rates, creating an environment where any nomad can seamlessly integrate their personal and professional lives.

Beyond its financial benefits, Cyprus boasts high-quality healthcare, ranking 24th out of 195 countries in the Healthcare Access and Quality Index (HAQ), according to Cyrpus Profile. The Global Residence Index further positions Cyprus at 30th place globally for safety.

Digital nomads are also likely to find a very welcoming community in Cyprus, with English widely spoken and understood. And, given existing expat and digital nomad communities, there is every possibility of forging connections on these shores with ease for any foreign national wishing to make Cyprus their home.

Cyprus’s Digital Nomad Visa

As of October 2021, the Digital Nomad Visa Scheme in Cyprus received approval from the Council of Ministers, initially issuing 100 residence permits. However, by March 2022, the allocation was expanded to 500 permits, welcoming even more foreign nationals to make Cyprus their temporary home.

Designed to attract forward-thinking individuals who can contribute to its business ecosystem, this scheme allows nationals from non-EU and non-EEA countries to work remotely temporarily in Cyprus, whether as self-employed or freelance individuals or as employees of a company registered abroad.

Applicants must demonstrate a monthly income of at least €3,500, along with other necessary documents such as proof of identity and employment. Successful applicants staying beyond 183 days will be obligated to pay taxes, and the scheme permits family members to join.

The scheme provides temporary residence in this Mediterranean gem for one year, with an option for renewal for an additional two years, all at an affordable cost of €70, appealing to digital nomads captivated by the lifestyle Cyprus offers.