Top 10 Courses To Level Up Your Digital Skill Game

In light of the UK Government’s latest campaign, led by the Department for Science, Innovation and Technology, to launch a series of Skills Bootcamps aimed at tackling the digital skills gap, there’s never been a more opportune moment to delve into the details of digital skills and discover the best courses to enhance your digital prowess.

According to Michelle Donelan, the Secretary for Science and Technology, the objective of the Skills Bootcamps is to double salary prospects for participants, even without prior skills, to reshape careers in the tech industry.

The promising prospects offered by digital skills courses may ignite your curiosity to understand what digital skills entail and where to embark on this journey. Let’s delve into it.

What Are Digital Skills?

Put simply, core digital skills are acquired to aid you in everyday digital tasks relevant to your profession or academic pursuits.

Examining common digital skills paints a clearer picture of what they entail. Such skills may encompass using devices like computers or mobile phones for personal or professional tasks, navigating and utilising internet resources, coding, engaging in digital communication via email or messaging platforms, mastering social media platforms, and practising online safety measures.

Mastery of each of these skills can improve your confidence in using technology for work, learning and daily activities, and it’s crucial to familiarise yourself with them as they are often fundamental for most jobs, qualifications, and other aspects of daily life.

While some of these skills may be taught in the classroom or the workplace, these days, there’s an expectation for individuals to simply possess them. Fortunately, plenty of courses are available to help you up your digital skills game which can be done from wherever you wish at your own pace.


Top 10 Digital Skill Courses


1. Coursera


For a comprehensive array of digital skills, look no further than Coursera. Offering courses ranging from cybersecurity and digital marketing to product management, as well as tutorials on utilising platforms like Excel, Python, and Google, Coursera delivers thorough guidance on sought-after digital skills. Additionally, it provides career resources and insights on advancing your proficiency in artificial intelligence (AI).

Upon successful completion, all these courses award professional certificates, making Coursera’s online training a valuable asset for becoming job-ready in high-growth and high-paying fields.


2. Learn My Way


Learn My Way


Learn My Way offers a fantastic range of free courses designed to thoroughly acquaint you with the basics, covering everything from using your device, to navigating the internet and email, to maintaining online safety and security, and managing your work, finances, and health online.

While targeting beginners, Learn My Way facilitates the development of essential digital skills, offering a free and flexible way to learn useful skills in just a matter of minutes.


3. Lloyds Bank Academy

Lloyds Bank Academy

Best known for its financial services, Lloyds also has an Academy that serves as an online serving hub to help you get more out of life and work. Its wide programme of lessons is accessible to all, easy to follow, and, best of all, it doesn’t cost a penny.

These courses include tools to help you with professional pursuits, including courses and webinars helping to build your online business strategy skills, how to design a website, managing online business finance and security, and how to leverage platforms such as Microsoft to help with product management and sales.

But there are also guides for skills to help with everyday life, which cover the basics, how to stay safe online, how to handle your finances online, and how to communicate online.


4. London South East Colleges


London South East Colleges


This Essential Digital Skills Qualification (EDSQ) aligns with the Government’s national standards and targets adults aged 19 and above who are looking to acquire essential digital skills to unlock professional and personal opportunities in the future.

Covering a wide range of topics including content creation, cybersecurity, and mastering digital devices, this free 12-week course provides comprehensive preparation for future job prospects. Upon completion, participants receive a nationally recognised accredited level 2 qualification in digital skills that can be achieved anywhere, at any time.


5. Distance Learning Centre


Distance Learning Centre


The CompTIA A+ Certification Online Course from Distance Learning Centre offers a thorough online program designed for individuals aiming to kickstart a career in IT or those looking to enhance their IT expertise for professional growth.

Covering fundamental IT skills, the course encompasses topics such as IT support, computer and mobile basics, PC installation, system upgrades, hardware troubleshooting, system configuration, problem diagnosis, and preventative maintenance.

While this course requires payment, completion leading to the A+ certification enhances individuals’ marketability and opens up greater opportunities for advancement in the field.



6. FutureLearn

Webby Award Entry, December 2016: FutureLearn - FutureLearn

Discover the power of digital skills with FutureLearn, equipping you for success in today’s digital era. This course not only comes at no cost but is also entirely remote, allowing you the flexibility to learn anytime, anywhere, and complete it in just a few weeks.

Delve into the world of digital proficiency through engaging videos and interactive quizzes with Accenture’s two-week course. Explore the significance of digital skills and learn practical strategies for integrating them seamlessly into both professional environments and your everyday routines.


7. The Open University


The Open University - MKBAA


Explore a variety of exceptional courses at The Open University designed to enhance your digital skill set. From fundamental tutorials that empower you to thrive in the digital era, bolstering your confidence in leveraging technology for personal and professional advancement, to advanced coding programs.

Embark on a journey to master coding languages like Python, tailored for beginners. These self-paced courses are both free and self-faced, equipping you with the skills required for careers in coding, such as data analysis or market research analysis.


8. Google Digital Garage

Google Digital Garage Event Summary | NICVA

Google provides tools for every need, and when it comes to improving digital skills, they offer exceptional courses. This complimentary course utilises instructional videos to explain the concept of coding, its purpose, and practical applications. Upon completion, you’ll gain a thorough grasp of coding, invaluable for both personal enrichment and professional growth.


9. LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning | IT@Cornell


10. Microsoft

What is a Microsoft account? The pros and cons of Microsoft accounts

These days, Microsoft is used daily in most of our daily and professional lives. Fortunately, Microsoft offers a complimentary course designed to familiarise you with the platform’s extensive features. This course, which can be completed in just a few hours, empowers you to maximise the utility of Microsoft’s digital platform, enhancing your proficiency for daily productivity and professional success.


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