What Are Gamer Supplements?

Gamer (or gaming) supplements have started to become more popular than ever amongst professional (and amateur) gamers and streamers alike. These gamer supplements are nootropics used to help improve a gamer’s performance in a game. They can help to improve this in a variety of different ways, from boosting your energy levels and concentration to strengthening hand-eye coordination.

Although not competing in physical sports, with professional gaming being a huge and very competitive industry, gamers still need to be at the optimal mental, physical, and nutritional levels to excel in competitions. For gamers in search of a boost to help keep them sufficiently energised, or to help them sharpen their focus on the game, gamer supplements might be just what you’re looking for. Gamers of all types and across all games are always looking for more ways in which to get the edge over their opponents, be it through the seating they choose to stay comfortable or the screen they use to play their games and therefore, an effective gaming stimulant can make all the difference.

Gaming supplements can be great for gamers looking to boost their competitive edge, able to help improve focus and attention, memory, energy and more (depending on the supplements you take). But what supplements are the best to take, and are they safe to use? Here, TechRound in partnership with the team at LuxiGaming explores some of the most frequently asked questions around gamer supplements.

What Are the Best Gamer Supplements?

The best gamer supplements to take will depend on what you need the supplements for. For example, those wanting to improve their energy and focus while gaming, compounds such as L-Theanine may be worth considering. High levels of this compound can be found in green tea and this compound is known for its abilities to provide a timely energy boost.

Taurine is another ingredient that can be found in gaming supplements, essentially helping to control the central nervous system as well as our fight or flight response. This can be particularly useful when gamers experience stress while gaming, its effects helping users to better decide on the optimal protection strategy.

Caffeine is of course another common supplement for gamers to take, helping them improve their energy, their focus, and memory. However, it’s important to note that too much caffeine can have a negative impact on users, increasing the heart rate and making you feel anxious.

What Are the Benefits of Gamer Supplements?

Gamer supplements can offer a wide range of potential benefits including the following:

  • Improves focus and attention
  • Boost energy
  • Improves memory
  • Reduces reaction time

While all these benefits are potentially very desirable, particularly to gamers, as there are a variety of different supplements out there, the potential benefits of each gaming supplement product will depend on what they are and the beneficial ingredients they contain.

Are Gamer Supplements Harmful?

While many gaming supplements available are safe to use, it’s important to understand exactly what’s in the supplement you’re considering, and ensure this is bought from a reputable and trustworthy provider.

A lot of gaming supplements are made from natural ingredients that aren’t harmful to use, however you’ll want to opt for products that have been well tested and are scientifically backed to help reduce the risk of harm.

As with all stimulants and energy drinks, taking too much caffeine can have negative effects, including feelings of anxiousness and an increased heart rate, as well as insomnia, digestive issues and fatigue once the caffeine has left the user’s system.

Certain supplements may also interfere with medications the user is taking. Therefore, it’s best to discuss gamer supplements with a doctor before taking them to check you’re not at risk of such an issue from happening.

Overall, if you’re safe and responsible with your usage of gamer supplements, you’ll reduce the risk of these causing any harm.