A Guide to Albania’s Digital Nomad Visa

Nestled in Southeastern Europe, Albania gleams as a genuine hidden treasure. Emerging from its Soviet legacy, it has evolved into a captivating, picturesque, and distinct nation that anyone contemplating relocation should seriously ponder.

Thankfully, this prospect is more than mere speculation, as accessible avenues exist for transitioning to this enchanting and historically rich locale. Let’s delve deeper into the possibilities.

Can You Work Remotely From Albania?

Fortunately for all the remote workers out there looking for somewhere to start a new professional chapter, Albania offers a digital nomad visa to facilitate this relocation.

A digital nomad visa allows digital nomads (in other words, remote workers who enjoy the nomadic lifestyle of maintaining their job while venturing overseas) to legally work and reside in a country away from their permanent residence.

The Albanian digital nomad visa is what is known as the ‘Unique Permit’, and this scheme can allow digital nomads to stay in this beautiful country temporarily. Besides the permitted length of stay, this visa will define other factors eager nomads will need to consider while pondering relocation to Albania, such as tax regulations and income requirements. Let’s take a closer look.

Is Albania A Good Country To Live In?

As a digital nomad, you may not have immediately considered Albania as a place to start your new nomadic lifestyle. After all, numerous European countries offer visas that can facilitate your professional relocation and may be better known for being leading tourist attractions.

Nevertheless, if this is the case, it’s time to reconsider your preferences because Albania may just be the ideal digital nomad destination spot for you.

To begin with, the country offers one of the most affordable living costs in Europe, making it perfect for any digital nomad wanting to relocate abroad without breaking the bank. Not only does this extend to relatively cheap accommodation prices, but this can be applied to food, utilities, schooling, and even healthcare.

Any digital nomad can also enjoy a beautiful Mediterranean climate in the summer with albeit wetter winters. However, having borders with countries such as Greece, Macedonia and Kosovo, any nomad can easily whisk themselves away if they find themselves in need of a change of scenery.

Furthermore, though Albania has a reputation for being one of the more unexplored pockets of Europe, this isn’t to say there isn’t a rich culture and history for you to indulge in. This country is packed with charming coastal towns, ancient churches, mountain landscapes and miles of beaches, ensuring there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Regarding the more practical side of life in Albania as a digital nomad, according to Citizen Remote, their average internet speed is a respectable 82 Mbps and nomads can enjoy an excellent infrastructure including plenty of internet cafes and coworking spaces, particularly in the larger towns Tirana, Durrës, Vlorë, and Elbasan.

While English may not be widely spoken, Albanian locals are famous for their warm and welcoming attitude to foreign nations, so you can be sure to enjoy friendly communication while getting to the grips with the language.

Albania’s Digital Nomad Visa

If everything so far sounds intriguing, time to move on to the digital nomad visa itself, better known as the Unique Permit scheme.

This can be applied for online via the Albania e-visa portal, and all applicants must meet the set of requirements. This includes providing the following documents: proof of remote employment with a company registered abroad, proof of income of at least $9,800 from the last 6 months, proof of accommodation for your time in Albania, proof of an Albanian bank account, valid health insurance, and a clean criminal record.

Family members may be able to accompany you on the Unique Permit, though you may need to demonstrate proof that you will be able to financially provide for them during your time as a digital nomad.

While the required income is notably affordable, it is important to note that digital nomads living in Albania on this scheme will be required to pay taxes both on their local and international income, though this is relatively commonplace when embarking on a digital nomad visa scheme.

Once you have all the required documents, simply apply for this Type D visa via the Albanian e-visa portal. All that’s left is to wait for approval, which should take anywhere from 15 days to 12 weeks, according to Citizen Remote.

Lastly, for those enamoured with life as an Albanian digital nomad, fret not when this permit comes to an end as there is a chance to renew for a longer length of stay, allowing you to continue to enjoy and explore this beautiful European gem.