A Guide To Argentina’s Digital Nomad Visa

Regardless of your affinity for football, Argentinian culture never fails to captivate. Brimming with rich traditions, a dynamic art scene, and stunning natural vistas, the appeal of this South American nation remains undeniable.

For digital nomads seeking fresh havens, could Argentina emerge as their next destination of choice?

Can I Work In Argentina?

The first big question one must ask: Are digital nomads permitted to work in Argentina in the first place?

Argentina not only provides a digital nomad visa but also secures the 2nd spot in the Visa Guide’s index of top countries for remote workers seeking adventure.

Digital nomad visas serve as the legal gateway for these individuals to reside and work in Argentina, and fortunately, the application process is relatively straightforward.

Before delving into the specifics of Argentina’s digital nomad visa, including its entry requirements and other conditions, let’s examine why this South American nation has become a haven for nomads.

Is Argentina Good For Digital Nomads?

Reasons for moving to Argentina may be relatively obvious. After all, this is a country steeped in sunshine, natural beauty and captivating culture.

Besides its obvious allure, numerous practical benefits beckon nomads.

To begin with, Argentina boasts a famously affordable cost of living, making it an ideal destination for remote workers seeking a high quality of life without financial strain. According to Freaking Nomads, the monthly cost of living for a digital nomad in Buenos Aires averages around $2,000, with monthly rent averaging $800.

Beyond affordability, Buenos Aires, as the capital, offers a vibrant ambience with abundant entertainment options such as live music and festivals. The city’s cultural richness is further amplified by its array of art galleries and museums, providing nomads with ample exploration opportunities.

In addition to Buenos Aires, Argentina hosts several other cities, each offering a distinct flavour of Argentine life. Whether in Mendoza, Ushuaia, or San Carlos de Bariloche, nomads can find a setting that resonates with their preferences.

Remote work thrives in Argentina’s cities, thanks to the country’s relatively basic yet affordable internet connections, which can reach speeds of up to approximately 70 Mbps. Moreover, numerous cafes and co-working spaces like AreaTres, WeWork, GoWork, and HIT Cowork facilitate productive work environments.

Communication poses little challenge as many Argentines speak English, and the locals are renowned for their friendliness and hospitality, ensuring that nomads feel welcomed and embraced wherever they go.

Argentina Digital Nomad Visa

Fortunately for all those eager to explore this beautiful country, Argentina unveiled a digital nomad visa in 2022, opening up exciting opportunities for those wanting to immerse themselves in the country’s beauty.

To apply for this visa, certain documents are necessary. These include a valid passport, health insurance coverage, proof of a monthly income of at least €2,500, evidence of accommodation arrangements during your stay in Argentina, and documentation showcasing your academic and professional achievements. Such evidence may include job certifications or a comprehensive CV, verifying your eligibility for digital nomad activities, as outlined in the Visa Guide.

Digital nomads residing in Argentina are not allowed to engage in employment with Argentine companies. This is a standard provision across many digital nomad visas worldwide, which typically prohibit domestic employment. Should you desire to work for an Argentine company, you must pursue an Argentine work visa instead.

Under the digital nomad visa, individuals must either be self-employed or employed by companies registered outside Argentina.

This visa grants a 180-day stay, roughly equivalent to 6 months, with the option for renewal for an additional 180 days to further explore this gorgeous destination.