A Guide to Czech Republic Digital Nomad Visa

Next stop on the ultimate digital nomad quest: The Czech Republic. Known for its beautiful architectural marvels, from castles to churches to cathedrals, as well as its vibrant urban hubs and, of course, delicious beer, there isn’t much that’s not to like about the Czech Republic.

But can it be an ideal base for digital nomads? To discover if this is the right place to set up shop for your nomadic life, just keep reading.

Can You Move To The Czech Republic As A Digital Nomad?

To begin with distinctly good news – it is possible to relocate to the Czech Republic as a digital nomad.

To do this, you’ll need to apply for and obtain its long-term residence permit. While this is not specifically defined as a digital nomad visa, it can be used to the same effect.

This permit allows for digital nomads to legally work as freelancers in the Czech Republic for a specified period. This subsequently supports the lifestyle of remote workers looking for a change of scenery to temporarily relocate to this beautiful country.

Armed with just a laptop and sturdy Wi-Fi connection, remote freelancers can throw out the conventional ways of working and take up the nomadic lifestyle and, while not all countries provide permits or programs to facilitate the relocation of digital nomads, fortunately, the Czech Republic isn’t among them.

Is The Czech Republic Good For Digital Nomads?

According to Visa Guide, as of December 2023, the Czech Republic ranks 17th in the ranking of the best countries for digital nomads – a considerably high score regarding the number of countries that facilitate nomads to stay.

But what makes the country so ideal for digital nomads?

To begin with, the Czech Republic is well-known for its comparatively good cost of living. Not only does this mean digital nomads can live there without breaking the bank, but they can do this while enjoying a good quality of life. From accommodation to dining, public transportation, and the famed local beer, everything comes at a reasonable price.

Speaking of public transport, if travelling around the Czech Republic itself doesn’t quench your wanderlust, any nomad can simply hop on a bus, train, or plane, and travel with ease around Europe thanks to sitting right at the heart of the continent. Better yet, with the Czech Republic’s long-residence permit, holders can travel freely among the Schengen countries in Europe without any visa hassles.

Of course, this shouldn’t distract from the wealth of travelling internally. The Czech Republic offers plenty to explore and is full to the brim of beautiful landscapes and cities. Prague, with its Romanesque and Baroque architecture, vibrant cultural scene, and bustling nightlife, stands out as a prime attraction.

Practically speaking, the Czech Republic also caters to the needs of digital nomads in several aspects.

English is widely spoken, facilitating communication and adaptation, while reliable internet speeds averaging around 74 Mbps, as per Statista, ensure seamless connectivity. Additionally, numerous top-rated co-working spaces accommodate nomads, offering environments for work and networking, regardless of their roaming destinations.

How To Qualify For The Czech Republic Digital Nomad Visa?

As mentioned, there is no specific digital nomad visa, though the long-term residence permit can fulfil nomad needs.

Eligible applicants from various foreign nations, including the UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the US, among others, can apply for this permit.

Applicants must be at least 18 years old, provide a valid passport, evidence of remote employment, a detailed business plan for their stay in the Czech Republic, an online resume, a clean criminal record, proof of medical insurance, proof of accommodation, and demonstrate financial stability with funds of at least $2,500 per month, as outlined by Visa Guide.

To initiate the application process, individuals must contact the nearest Czech embassy to submit the required documentation and obtain a trade license. Following this, applicants undergo an immigration interview to convey their work intentions, accommodation arrangements, reasons for their stay, educational background, and so on.

Although the maximum duration of stay on this permit is one year, individuals enchanted by life in the Czech Republic can renew it to extend their stay.