A Guide to Georgia’s Digital Nomad Visa

To continue our digital nomad series, we’re jetting off to Georgia. Nestled between the Black Sea and positioned at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, Georgia captivates with its rich culture, storied history, and vibrant traditions.

With plenty of compelling reasons to settle in this beautiful country, Georgia offers something for everyone, and digital nomads are no exception. Let’s take a look at why.

Can I Work Remotely In Georgia?

In 2020, Georgia unveiled its digital nomad visa. Or, as the Georgian government calls it, “Remotely from Georgia”.

This innovative program aims to accommodate remote workers seeking to establish themselves outside their home country, a particularly appealing prospect in the wake of the pandemic-induced shift towards the infamous WFH (working from home) trend.

And, as the popularity of remote work continues to soar, why not embark on this journey from another country altogether?

While not all countries offer a visa or programme that can facilitate legal employment and residency for foreign nationals, Georgia is, fortunately, no such country.

But before diving into Georgia’s digital nomad visa, or its “Remotely from Georgia” programme, let’s take a closer look at why eager nomads should consider this country as the place to start the next chapter of their professional adventure.

Is Georgia A Good Place To Move To?

Now that Georgia has opened its arms to digital nomads, there’s never been a more opportune moment to delve into this captivating corner of the world.

Perhaps the greatest advantage to life in Georgia is its very friendly price tag. This can allow any nomad to enjoy a good standard of living without needing to break the budget, leaving ample funds for affordable accommodation and exploration around the country to enjoy everything it has to offer.

While Georgia’s overall infrastructure may be somewhat dated, the nation boasts relatively reliable public transportation and a selection of commendable coworking spaces such as WeWork, UG Startup Factory, and Papers Space.

Indulge your palate with Georgia’s distinctive cuisine, a delightful fusion of European and Asian flavours, and immerse yourself in the vibrant nightlife scene. And, for those who prefer the great outdoors, Georgia beckons with opportunities for mountain hikes, sun-drenched summer days, and a plethora of other outdoor activities.

In essence, Georgia promises something special for every nomad, making it an irresistible destination for those seeking adventure, culture, and a truly unique experience.

How Do I Get A Georgia Digital Nomad Visa?

Navigating the application process for the Georgian digital nomad visa is refreshingly straightforward. With eligibility extended to citizens of nearly 100 countries, the program offers an inclusive and accessible avenue for most foreign nationals.

Once you’ve confirmed your eligibility, time to get the necessary documents in order.

This includes a valid passport, proof of remote self-employment, valid health insurance, and proof of income exceeding $2,000 a month. Compared to similar digital nomad visas, the relatively modest income requirement of the Georgian visa renders it an attractive option for individuals with more constrained financial resources.

Upon having all the required documents, the visa application itself is a hassle-free online process.

Best of all, unlike some other digital nomad visas, the Georgian visa costs nothing to apply for – another great bonus for any budget-focused nomad. However, it’s important to bear in mind that any digital nomad staying over 183 days will be obligated to pay tax.

Typically processed within a swift 10 working days, the visa grants a one-year validity period. Nonetheless, individuals enamoured with the Georgian lifestyle may explore avenues for permanent residency.