A Guide to Hungary’s Digital Nomad Visa

Hungary is emerging as a highly sought-after destination, gaining popularity for its stunning landscapes, rich history, and favourable cost of living. With a growing reputation as an attractive place to reside, people from around the world are increasingly drawn to and warmly welcomed in Hungary.

In this regard, digital nomads are no exception. Eager nomads have been increasingly drawn to Hungary’s numerous advantages and appealing features as a relocation destination.

Hungary is emerging as a highly sought-after destination for digital nomads drawn to the country’s be affordability,

What Is A Digital Nomad Visa?

These days, most have heard of that elusive figure: The digital nomad. If you’re already a remote worker or considering the possibility, you may be pondering whether to confine yourself to a home office or take it a step further.

Digital nomads are individuals who choose to relocate abroad while sustaining their livelihoods through remote work, all the while residing outside their home country.

To facilitate this lifestyle, various countries have introduced visas or programs specifically designed for digital nomads, allowing them to legally live and work in those countries.

These visas come with distinct application processes, permitted durations of stay, tax regulations, associated costs, and other unique features.

Can You Be a Digital Nomad in Hungary?

It’s important to note that not all countries extend digital nomad visas, but Hungary stands out as an exception, making it an enticing choice for those pursuing the nomadic lifestyle.

So, why opt for Hungary?

First and foremost, Hungary is renowned for its affordability, although any nomad staying longer than 183 will be obliged to pay tax. Nevertheless, even in the country’s central hotspots such as Budapest, Debrecen, Pecs and Sopron, nomads can enjoy living in a beautiful setting without breaking the budget.

This affordability also means that nomads can allocate funds for travel. With the Hungary digital nomad visa, one can freely explore the Schengen zone, encompassing countries like Germany, Croatia, Austria, Denmark, Greece, and more.

Within Hungary itself, enjoy captivating cultural spots including the Gyor Cathedral, Buda Castle and St, Stephen’s Basilica.

Practically speaking, Hungary distinguishes itself with a robust internet connection of 99 Mbps, surpassing Latvia as the regional speed champion. This is ideal for digital nomads relying on a stable laptop connection for their livelihood.

Nomads can fully embrace this high-speed internet in various coworking spaces across the country, including KAPTÁR Coworking, Muse Közösségi Iroda, and Urban Lobby.

Hungary Digital Nomad Visa

Hopeful nomads aspiring to relocate to Hungary must obtain a digital nomad visa to enter. Upon arrival, they can then apply for the White Card – a residence permit enabling long-term residence in this picturesque country.

Eligibility for the digital nomad visa requires non-EU citizenship, employment with a foreign-registered company, and a demonstrated ability to work remotely. Applicants must also show a minimum income of €2,000 and provide documents such as a valid passport, proof of employment, income verification, health insurance, and evidence of accommodation.

To initiate the process, applicants must submit their digital nomad visa application at a Hungarian embassy or consulate, schedule an appointment and ensure all required documents are prepared. Typically, the processing time for the Hungary digital nomad visa is around one month.

Upon entry into Hungary, acquiring the White Card is the next step. This must be completed within one month at the National Directorate-General for Aliens Policing.

Once you’ve entered Hungary, you must proceed to acquire the White Card. This needs to be done within one month at the National Directorate-General for Aliens Policing.

Unlike some other digital nomad visas, the Hungarian variant does not permit the relocation of family members to Hungary. So, this visa will best suit those looking for a solo nomadic adventure.

The Hungarian digital nomad visa can initially be extended for one year but there is an option for a one-year extension if eligibility criteria are met.