A Guide To South Korea’s Digital Nomad Visa

The past decade has been fueled by the global craze for all things South Korean, from K-pop to K-drama. The recent years have witnessed an unprecedented surge in K-everything. If you’ve found yourself swept up in this wave of fascination, you’ll be thrilled to learn that South Korea has introduced a new digital nomad visa, dubbed the ‘Workcation Visa’ allowing you to thoroughly explore this fascinating country. Curious? Let’s dive in.

Does South Korea Offer a Digital Nomad Visa?

Fortunately, those considering South Korea as their new home have reason to rejoice. The country has recently introduced a digital nomad visa, allowing foreign residents to stay for up to two years while continuing their remote work from abroad.

This exciting opportunity means that individuals dreaming of living in this stunning Asian destination can now turn their fantasy into reality. But before diving into the logistics of applying for this visa, it’s essential to understand what life as a hopeful nomad in South Korea entails.

Guide to Digital Nomad Life in South Korea

South Korea has become a popular destination in recent years, offering a variety of amenities for digital nomads. But before diving into the digital nomad visa application, it’s important to get a quick overview of what South Korea has to offer as a potential base for your nomadic lifestyle.

The country boasts stunning natural landscapes, from rugged mountains to picturesque islands, as well as vibrant city life. Whether you prefer a laidback beach lifestyle, a city rich in historical and cultural heritage, or an island paradise, South Korea has it all. Busan, Gyeongju, Jeju, and Seoul each offer unique experiences for digital nomads, with Seoul standing out as the beating heart of the country and a hub for modern infrastructure, nightlife, and historical attractions.

No matter where you choose to settle in South Korea, you can expect top-notch co-working spaces, internet connectivity, public transport, medical services, and other urban facilities. Additionally, the country is known for its delicious cuisine, vibrant nightlife, and welcoming locals, making it a great place to explore as a digital nomad.

While English may not be widely spoken, especially outside of tourist areas, the hospitality of the South Korean people and the growing nomadic community in the country create opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals during your adventure in South Korea.

South Korean Digital Nomad Visa

If the idea of life as a digital nomad in South Korea piques your interest, it’s time to start the process of obtaining a South Korean digital nomad visa.

For this, you must meet certain eligibility requirements. This includes providing a valid passport and passport picture, proof of remote employment or freelance work for a company abroad and proof of income that is double Korea’s gross national income (GNI) per capita for the previous year in the form of bank statements and pay slips. According to Digital Nomads Korea, this is ₩7.08 Million per month in 2024 which is the equivalent to around £4,500 per month.

Applicants must also provide documentation of a clean criminal record and private health insurance.

Whilst these requirements are all fairly standard, one unique and perhaps beneficial aspect of this visa is that it is open to individuals of any nationality, unlike many other countries that have limited eligibility based on nationality and choose to open their digital nomad gates to select countries only.

Once granted, the visa is valid for up to two years, initially for one year with the possibility of a one-year extension, giving any eager nomad plenty of time to relish the Land of the Morning Calm.