Top 10 Best Cities In Asia To Be A Digital Nomad In

It’s time to discard the outdated conventional approach to work and embrace the freedom of digital nomadism. And where better to embark on this journey than in the vast and diverse landscapes of Asia?

A digital nomad is an individual who takes their professional life overseas armed with just a laptop and a good internet connection. The benefits this lifestyle can offer are obvious. By stepping out into the world instead of confining oneself to a home office, one can enhance job satisfaction, slash overhead costs associated with traditional office spaces, and delve into a plethora of environments, cultures, cuisines, and people.

If Asia sits atop your list of destinations to explore, now is the time to uncover the best cities on this continent that cater to the needs and aspirations of digital nomads.


Top 10 Best Cities In Asia To Be A Digital Nomad In


1. Seoul, South Korea

Seoul has emerged as a burgeoning hotspot over the past few decades, fueled by the global craze for all things Korean, from K-pop to K-drama. The recent years have witnessed an unprecedented surge in K-everything.

If you’ve found yourself swept up in this wave of Korean fascination, you’ll be thrilled to learn that Korea has introduced a new digital nomad visa, dubbed the ‘Workcation Visa’. This visa enables foreign residents to reside in the country for up to two years while maintaining remote work from their home countries, and where better to do this than in the country’s beating heart: Seoul.

Seoul presents an array of attractions for digital nomads. With its modern infrastructure, vibrant nightlife, and rich historical heritage, the city caters to diverse tastes. Moreover, on a practical note, Seoul is renowned for its outstanding internet connectivity, readily accessible through its numerous internet cafes and co-working spaces.


2. Chiang Mai, Thailand

While Bangkok may spring to mind first when considering cities in Thailand, it would be a significant oversight to disregard Chiang Mai in this regard.

Chiang Mai stands as a hidden gem of Thailand, beckoning digital nomads to explore its charms under the country’s increasingly popular digital nomad visa. Better yet, this visa lasts for several years, making it perfect for anyone looking for a longer stay.

For individuals desiring a blend of urban vibrancy and serene countryside connections, Chiang Mai presents an ideal locale. With reliable internet access, an abundance of cafes, restaurants, and co-working spaces, coupled with verdant surroundings and scenic viewpoints nearby, Chiang Mai emerges as the quintessential destination for those seeking both productivity and tranquillity in Thailand.


3. Hanoi, Vietnam

Vietnam is one of the most fascinating and beautiful Asian countries, offering a haven for digital nomads seeking cultural immersion, breathtaking landscapes, and delectable cuisine amidst an authentic, friendly and non-touristy ambience.

While Vietnam lacks a dedicated digital nomad visa, there are visa options available to facilitate your stay, such as the e-Visa tourist permit. However, given the evolving regulations, it’s advisable to verify the current requirements beforehand.

Upon considering Hanoi as your launchpad into the nomadic lifestyle, one only needs to look up pictures of the city to uncover its appeal. This city has a unique charm and is bursting to the seams with attractions, notably its iconic train that runs through the heart of this metropolis. Just as long as you don’t mind crazy roads with some questionable vehicle versus pedestrian rules, this city should suit your nomadic lifestyle nicely.


4. Cebu, Philippines

When pondering the Philippines, images of stunning coastlines, majestic mountain ranges, and vibrant urban hubs often spring to mind. Fortunately, Cebu has it all.

As the capital of the Philippines, Cebu offers a unique fusion of coastal serenity and urban dynamism. Beyond its rich cultural tapestry, the city boasts practical advantages for nomads, including excellent internet connectivity and top-notch co-working spaces like The Company and Nomads Hub, as reported by Citizen Remote.

Recently, the Philippines introduced a digital nomad visa, granting remote workers a 12-month permit to reside in the country. For those captivated by the nomadic lifestyle, this visa offers the possibility of extending their stay for an additional 12 months, presenting an ideal option for nomads seeking a more extended stay in Cebu’s welcoming embrace.


5. Singapore

Singapore stands out as an exceptional destination for expats, tourists, and digital nomads alike. While Singapore does not have a specific visa for digital nomads, remote workers can consider several visa options such as its Employment Pass, EntrePass, S Pass, and Training Employment Pass, according to Nomad Offshore Academy.

The widespread appeal of Singapore is hardly surprising. With its futuristic cityscape seamlessly intertwined with lush green spaces, it presents a haven for nature enthusiasts and urban dwellers alike. Moreover, Singapore boasts some of the world’s swiftest internet speeds and expansive urban areas replete with residential and workspaces.

While the cost of living may be slightly higher, the benefits are undeniable. Singapore offers a diverse environment coupled with safety, cleanliness, and exceptional infrastructure, including an excellent public transportation system both within the country and for regional exploration. Notably, Singapore’s Changi Airport, widely acclaimed as the world’s best airport, provides unparalleled connectivity for those inclined to explore the continent and beyond.



6. Phuket, Thailand

As mentioned, Thailand offers a visa designed to accommodate the needs of digital nomads. For those eager to embark on their nomadic journey while revelling in the allure of island life – think tropical cocktails on pristine beaches and abundant sunshine – Phuket emerges as an enticing option.

Rest assured, Phuket’s island status doesn’t hinder its ability to support remote work effectively. On the contrary, Phuket boasts a tranquil lifestyle, rich historical heritage, and breathtaking landscapes, complemented by numerous coworking spaces, restaurants, cafes, and recreational activities to keep nomads engaged.

Furthermore, Phuket offers a relatively low cost of living, rendering it an ideal destination for digital nomads seeking a high quality of life without straining their budget.


7. Tokyo, Japan

For all those who have long harboured dreams of visiting Japan, now may be your chance. After much anticipation, Japan has joined other Asian nations in introducing a digital nomad visa, granting foreign nationals from select countries the chance to reside in this captivating country for up to six months.

If you’re considering a move to Japan, Tokyo undoubtedly ranks high on your list. Living in this bustling metropolis promises to be an exhilarating chapter of your life. Renowned for its futuristic ambience, diverse neighbourhoods, and vibrant culinary scene, Tokyo offers a dynamic living experience.

It is worth noting that Tokyo can be more expensive, and English isn’t as widely spoken as in other Asian countries like Malaysia and Thailand. However, navigating the city is still feasible, and for those learning Japanese, Tokyo presents an ideal environment for language acquisition and cultural immersion.


8. Bangkok, Thailand

Finally on our tour of great digital nomad spots in Thailand, Bangkok. If you prefer the urban pulse over serene island landscapes, Bangkok beckons as the vibrant heart of Thailand.

Ideal for nomads immersed in the hustle and bustle, Bangkok pulsates with opportunities for adventure and work. It also serves as an excellent springboard for those eager to explore the continent further.

Practically speaking, there are lots of different types of accommodation, from hostels to hotels to apartments. Its various neighbourhoods, from Silom to Downtown Bangkok, each boast a unique flavour of the city.

Despite being a bustling metropolis, Bangkok remains surprisingly affordable, with plentiful options for budget-friendly workspaces and excellent internet connectivity. Moreover, its abundance of cafes, bars, and restaurants caters to every taste. And, for those who wish to enjoy the more cultural side of like, Bangkok is brimming with museums and temples, offering glimpses into the city’s rich heritage and traditions.


9. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur has undergone significant transformation in recent decades, evolving into a bustling urban center. This makes now the perfect time to delve into its dynamic atmosphere and, thanks to Malaysia’s digital nomad visa, you can do just this.

The Malaysian digital nomad visa permits remote workers to reside in the country for up to 12 months, with the possibility of extensions for those enamored with the lifestyle. With a remarkably affordable minimum income requirement, it caters perfectly to nomads seeking extended stays, including those with modest earnings.

Known for being a cultural melting pot, this city certainly makes for an interesting base for digital nomads. The city boasts an eclectic culinary scene, abundant coworking spaces stemming from its corporate prominence, excellent infrastructure, and warm hospitality from locals. Moreover, English serves as a widely spoken language, facilitating seamless communication and fostering friendships with ease.


10. Goa, India

Although India lacks a specific visa tailored for digital nomads, remote workers can still reside in the country under its long-term visa option, which extends for up to 5 years, catering well to nomads seeking an extended stay.

While metropolitan hubs like Mumbai hold allure, Goa shouldn’t be overlooked. Nestled along the South-West coast, enriched with cultural heritage and natural splendour, Goa offers digital nomads a serene escape from India’s urban hustle and bustle.

Thanks to its unique history, Portuguese is spoken in Goa, offering an advantage to those fluent in the language. However, even for non-Portuguese speakers, anyone can enjoy delectable cuisine, a laidback lifestyle, vibrant bars and restaurants, and picturesque mountains and beaches perfect for those who love to get outside on their days off.