How Does Digital PR Work?

Digital PR is a type of strategy that is used in digital marketing, to increase a business’s online visibility. Agencies working in digital PR connect with not only journalists for e-magazines and newspapers to boost their client’s online presence, but also bloggers and influencers. Using these online professional bodies help those working in digital PR to accrue good backlinks and work to improve Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

In an age where almost everything is done online, many of the more traditional methods of PR and advertising have had to adapt in order to stay relevant. Whilst most traditional methods of PR focus on gaining exposure for their clients via journalists of newspapers, digital PR expands its focus to gain exposure through an opened up array of different options.

What Does Digital PR Do?

Digital PR professionals can now boost their client’s presence through such a variety of means as social media mentions, backlinks from high-quality sites, and many more (source: Brandnation). With the online world now integrated as an integral part of people’s everyday life, digital PR has now become an incredibly important aspect to any business wanting to boost their overall presence from within their industry.

What is Digital PR?

Digital PR uses a range of techniques to get the job done; the techniques used throughout a business’s digital PR strategy will depend entirely upon what the business is about and what it wants to achieve and therefore the type of customers they want to attract.

For example, a company specialising in technology, say a modern tech startup, will be hoping to boost its online visibility by increasing mentions in tech-related content on social media, getting backlinks from high-quality sites that are focused around tech, and potentially even specialising in the same area of tech. This will help a business to gain attention from customers who are interested in that particular area.

Some of the main features to digital PR include:

  • Increasing backlinks from high-quality sites
  • Increasing social media mentions from influencers
  • Increasing online press features (linked to increasing backlinks)
  • Increasing online referrals to business via paid bloggers
  • Increasing online and therefore offline engagement
  • Increase brand reach and potential

What are the Benefits of Digital PR?

Two of the main ways in which a company can benefit from effective digital PR include:

  • Improving Website and Brand SEO – Ensuring that your website is linked by high-quality / high-authority sites can help to enhance your visibility on search engines. Increasing the amount of high-quality backlinks can raise a company’s position on Google. This will result in an increase of visitors to a company’s webpage, as the higher a website’s position on Google, the higher the volume of website traffic to that particular site
  • Increasing Brand Trust – You can increase a company’s reputation and trustworthiness by increasing the amount of positive and reputable online content about them. Having different bloggers and influencers review and write about a company’s product will help to gain customer trust and help to increase sales. Having a site that is high on the google page will also reflect a trustworthy and reputable nature around the company it is associated with, as Google will only place what they deem credible sites high on their site
  • Increasing Customer Reach – The ultimate goal of any PR campaign is to reach new audiences and to creatively and effectively develop existing clients and customers. By undertaking effective digital PR campaigns, you can segment audiences and get your business in front of who you need to it be