A Guide to Iceland’s Digital Nomad Visa

The sheer beauty of Iceland is enough to make anyone want to move there. Beyond its awe-inspiring landscapes, this country also offers numerous benefits to anyone seeking an opportune place to relocate to. It comes as no surprise, then, that Iceland is emerging as a favoured sanctuary for digital nomads.

Adding to its appeal, Iceland has introduced a digital nomad visa, attracting numerous enthusiastic nomads to its shores every year.

How To Get A Digital Nomad Visa

Welcome to the age of the digital nomad, where individuals can venture to greener pastures and transform the world into their workplace.

Digital nomads sustain their livelihoods by working online after leaping to foreign lands. Facilitating this lifestyle and ensuring compliance with legal requirements is the digital nomad visa. This visa, or sometimes a specific program, allows nomads to reside and work in their chosen destination.

While not all countries provide dedicated digital nomad visas, alternative visa options may still support this nomadic lifestyle.

Securing a digital nomad visa involves navigating unique application processes, as each country holds its own set of requirements. Applicants must adhere to these distinct regulations, covering aspects such as tax compliance, permitted length of stay, associated costs, and more.

Why Become A Digital Nomad In Iceland?

The lure of Iceland may already feel palpably evident. After all, this is a country celebrated for its distinctive landscapes and lifestyle.

Yet, a digital nomad visa involves more than merely residing in a country. It requires creating a temporary life, working there consistently, and establishing a secure and stable lifestyle.

Fortunately, this is just what Iceland offers.

Beyond its natural wonders, Iceland is well-known for its inviting, safe, and secure atmosphere. The Icelandic people, recognized for their warm reception of foreigners, contribute to the overall sense of safety, complemented by notably low crime rates.

Various cities in Iceland offer unique experiences for nomads to settle in, ranging from the vibrant capital Reykjavik to Isafjordur and Akureyri. Each city provides a distinct flavour of Icelandic life and offers a compelling cultural scene, with numerous museums and galleries to explore.

Moreover, nomads can anticipate robust Wi-Fi connections and numerous co-working spaces like Innovation House, Hitt Húsið, and Minor Coworking.

And, of course, one must mention its spectacular natural attractions. Namely, the Aurora Borealis – a true wonder of the world. Any nomad residing in Iceland may be able to catch this unforgettable sight from September to March. In addition to these ethereal lights, nomads have the opportunity to explore enchanting glaciers, active volcanoes, and thermal springs, further enriching their Icelandic experience.

Iceland’s Digital Nomad Visa

Introduced in 2020, the Icelandic digital nomad visa, or Long-Term Remote Work Visa, has attracted many nomads to its shores.

Distinguishing itself from many other digital nomad visas, this visa allows applicants to work either as self-employed individuals or for foreign employers, in addition to providing the option to seek employment with Icelandic businesses or employers.

However, those aspiring to work for an Icelandic business or employer must secure an Iceland work visa separately.

For the digital nomad visa itself, the application process itself is relatively familiar. Applicants must hail from a non-EU country and a country with a visa-free travel agreement with Iceland.

Hopeful nomads must be able to provide proof of remote employment as well as proof of a monthly income of around $7,700. This income requirement is among the highest, making this visa primarily ideal for those confident in their financial stability.

Additionally, applicants must present a valid passport, proof of health insurance, and a clean criminal record. Moreover, a document outlining the purpose and duration of their stay, ensuring it does not exceed prescribed limits, is required. This may be substantiated by presenting a return ticket to your home country.

For those with partners or spouses, the Icelandic digital nomad visa permits their inclusion, necessitating a marriage certificate or proof of shared accommodation and an additional payment of $2,000.

All requisite documents and fees must be submitted, and upon successful approval, the visa is issued by the Iceland Directorate of Immigration upon arrival in the country.

This visa has a duration of 180 days unless applying from a Schengen country, where the long-term visa is issued for around 90 days and cannot be extended. However, enamoured individuals may reapply after 12 months if they wish to continue savouring the Icelandic lifestyle.