Metaverse Startups to Watch in 2022


What is the metaverse? It’s a 3D digital world that is set replace the 2D internet, creating a totally a virtual environment, where you can manage business, interact with others and socialise – essentially an extended reality, growing in popularity. As such, TechRound has collated information on some up and coming metaverse-related startups set to make headway this year!


Companies featured include:

  • Condense Reality
  • Univers
  • MetaJuice
  • Sophia Technologies Ltd
  • Betterverse
  • Hadean
  • Dubit
  • Infinite Arcade
  • Admix
  • ShiftPixy
  • Balthazar
  • PerfectTed
  • Enry’s Island
  • MeetKai
  • SportsIcon
  • LynKey
  • CannaVerse
  • vEmpire
  • MedacityMD
  • Double A Labs
  • Challau
  • Dream Reality Interactive
  • Resonai
  • Kippo
  • VoiceMod


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Condense Reality

condense reality


Founder(s): Nick Fellingham


Condense Reality has built the infrastructure to stream real-world 3D events live into any video game built in Unity or Unreal. They use deep learning to create photorealistic 3D models that replicate the real subjects at such high fidelity that they appear to be high-resolution video viewable from any angle. Condense’s aim is to create more genuine connections between musicians, performers and athletes and their fans. By removing the technical complexity of streaming 3D content into the metaverse they enable customers to put their creativity in! To summarize, Condense are bringing the world’s live events to the metaverse.

Their infrastructure opens up a completely new, massively scalable channel for music artists and sporting events to reach online audiences – and immediately transforms participating games platforms into true metaverse properties.

Nick Fellingham is the Founder of Condense. He grew up interested in tech, music and business and excelled at programming during his degree. After Uni, he knew he wanted to build things and worked in several exciting startups. After running a consultancy specialising in machine learning and high-performance data-driven application he knew how technology could help to bring content to the digital world and that’s where Condense was born.





CEO: Steve Stein


XMANNA is partnering with major sports teams to digitise their stadiums. After partnering with Israel’s leading sports franchise, Maccabi Tel Aviv Basketball team, within two years, Macabbi’s digital fan base tripled. Now XMANNA is expanding to major teams globally.

Recently, Inter Miami CF announced a major, multi-year partnership with XMANNA. As part of the sponsorship agreement, XMANNA became the Club’s first-ever jersey sleeve partner as well as the Official Loyalty and Gamification Partner of Inter Miami CF. During the 2022 MLS season, XMANNA and Inter Miami CF will together reward fans for their continuous loyalty with exclusive prizes as well as elevate the fan experience through gamification within the Inter Miami CF App.

XMANNA will soon introduce the “Mannaverse.” Built upon the Unreal Engine technology, sports organizations will be able to hold sports events, artists to perform in live concerts, retailers to sell their merchandise using web3 technology and fans to buy real estate right next to their favorite stars.

“The virtual experience allows for users to immerse themselves in a world with freedom of the imagination synergized with events from the real world that they love to attend,” Steve Stein, CEO of XMANNA says, and adds that “The surface has yet to be scratched with blockchain and Metaverse technology. There has never been such an opportunity for businesses to be at the forefront of such a digital transformation that covers gaming, loyalty, sports, and entertainment in a single solution.”





CEO: Yan Toullec


As companies race to build what they interpret as the Metaverse, Sci-Fi enthusiasts never envisioned it to be a representation of the Metaverse created by one company, but rather an intricate layer of everything put together with infinite opportunities.

For that purpose precisely Univers was created, a premier Metaverse solution founded on and committed to the vision of creating an interconnected network of independent metaverse projects, which serve as an exciting social hub for exploration and entertainment, and as a future-focused alternative to giants known for exploiting user information and intellectual property.

The Univers ecosystems allows integration of existing metaverse projects to utilise their solutions and enable cross-chain interoperability, while the Univers SDK empowers developers and creators with tools to explore their creative genius and build/launch new projects on the network. Furthermore, Univers’ Avalon allows for people to access any metaverse that is onboarded to the platform. Think of it as the interstate highway system for metaverses.

By partnering with VR Connections, a virtual and augmented reality content and production management platform, Univers expands the community around its SDK offering, building an operational service for projects and independent developers to utilise.

“We are really proud to team up with VR Connections prior to the launch of our core product offering,” says Yann. “The Metaverse can’t exist without interoperability, period. We are thrilled to lead the charge and ensure a digital future with no fragmentation and accessibility for independent creators and users.”



john burris


President: John Burris


John Burris is the President of MetaJuice (the first company to unlock the power of the metaverse) and Chief Strategy Officer of IMVU (the world’s largest friendship discovery and social platform, and a top 5 grossing app in the iOS/Apple App Store and Google Play Store). MetaJuice ( is unlocking the metaverse. By building blockchain-driven economies where everyone can own, earn, create and shape the future metaverse, MetaJuice will realize its vision of opening the metaverse and creating a world where users, players and creators can participate and share in its success.

MetaJuice has launched meta tokens VCORE and VCOIN, and NFT assets. MetaJuice is the blockchain subsidiary of Together Labs. “The vast majority of metaverses today are closed or walled platforms creating barriers for users to earn and experience true ownership,” said John Burris, President of MetaJuice and Chief Strategy Officer of Together Labs. “Leveraging blockchain technology, MetaJuice will unlock the full value of the metaverse for users and create a path for users not only to participate in but actually shape the future of metaverse.”


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Sophia Technologies Ltd

melissa mcbride


Founder(s): Melissa McBride


Sophia Technologies Ltd, is a UK based, female-founded Edtech company, that is shaping education in the digital age. Sophia is a leader in the growing global online education market with its British Online School for children from ages 4 to 14, Sophia High School. Sophia High School is one of only two online schools globally to be recognised as a Member School with the prestigious Council of International Schools.

As part of their EdTech platform and model of online education, Sophia is building an entire digital ecosystem that will make it possible for k12 students globally to get an exceptional British education online, learn in immersive virtual reality and develop essential Web3 digital skills for life and work in a cyber focused creator economy that Bloomberg intelligence anticipates is going to be an $800bn global metaverse revenue opportunity by 2024*.

Recently, Sophia has announced plans to build the first educational city inside of the Metaverse which builds on its role as the first British Online School to arrive in Blockchain Ethereum based Somnium Space.

Building on its global model for online education, the Athenaverse project is the metaverse’s first virtual education city concept which is part of a persistent virtual reality world. Athenaverse is designed with immersive VR technology inside of Somnium Space, in a ground-breaking partnership withOasis Meta Games who are builders of immersive VR worlds, games, experiences, and the first-ever layer 2 Metaverse solution in Web3 inside of Somnium.

The project is a first of its kind for the Somnium Space Worlds; each World is a blockchain token (NFT) and independent instance created by utilising Somnium UnitySDK. Powered by the OMG Engine, Athenaverse will enable students and teachers to learn, interact and create with others in the Metaverse through unique, immersive experiences and learn safely in real-time without any geographical boundaries.



George Ing


Founder(s): George Ing (CEO), Hayden Sherwood (CTO), Torsten Power (Creative Director), Finn Judel (Tokenomics Advisor), Jack Lomax (Operations Advisor), Charlie Winckworth (Chairman)


Betterverse, the world’s first charity focused metaverse.

Betterverse is a platform where you can make a donation to your favourite charity or NGO (with Crypto or FIAT) and in return receive an NFT that is unique and captures/ visualises the real-world impact. It will provide multiple-level transparency and offer donors a range of additional rewards and entertainment.

For their first season – Trees, initial charity partners include some of the most established names in the space, including, One Tree Planted (, THG more:trees (, and Tree-Nation ( This season will feature a rich variety of NFT tree species, fungi and flora across four unique and fully explorable Biomes. In addition to this, the virtual world will also include exclusive tree collections from guest artists across the environmental, music, entertainment and art world.

They’re launching their donation platform at the end of May and the fully interactive 3D metaverse will be ready to explore around the end of 2022.

They have an international team of more than 15 technologists, creatives and advisors in 7 different countries across 5 continents. Their platform is built on Polygon, a layer 2 protocol, close to the Ethereum blockchain but with low gas fees (operational fees). Polygon is working towards becoming the first carbon-negative blockchain this year.





Founder(s): Craig Beddis


Founded in 2015, Hadean are a venture backed startup, reimagining distributed, spatial and scalable computing for web3 and the metaverse. The distributed cloud platform provides the foundations of web3 applications for the metaverse, enterprise organisations and the defence sector. Customers and partnerships include CAE, Microsoft, Minecraft, the Francis Crick Institute, Cervus and BAE Systems.

Today, we are facing some of the greatest challenges that humanity has ever known. Unfortunately, in many cases, the breakthroughs we need are being held back by the limitations of existing infrastructure. Harnessing the cloud and its untapped potential is complex, time-consuming and expensive. On this foundation, Hadean built a record-breaking simulation application called Aether Engine. It is capable of running distributed simulations that contain thousands upon millions of entities in just a few simple steps, without an additional line of code required, and all from a laptop.

Hadean believes that anything is possible when you think big enough, and it is their ambition to change the nature of computing. Hadean’s engineers have rewritten the rulebook on distributed computing. The Hadean platform eliminates excessive middleware, orchestration and overengineering making it easy for developers to quickly and easily write networked, dynamically-scaling cloud-native applications.

Hadean shatters restrictions imposed by existing technology, enabling architects of the metaverse to build vast worlds with richly detailed environments, filled with unlimited numbers of concurrent participants.





Founder(s): Matthew Warneford


Dubit is one of the largest developers of metaverse games, experiences and events for brands. Its team of over 100 in-house developers has experience totalling billions of plays, providing brands and agencies with the tools, research data, and production services to launch compelling experiences in the metaverse. Dubit’s customers include Facebook, Google, Disney, and Warner Media Group.

Last year, Dubit raised an $8 million investment from Metaventures, a metaverse-focused fund created by French property investor Jean-Charles Capelli, to scale branded games and events on metaverse platforms such as Roblox, Minecraft, and Core. The company, which is also pioneering models of user acquisition for the metaverse, has grown to span three continents, with offices in the UK, US, and Australia.

Over the last year alone, Dubit has created metaverse experiences for some of the world’s most innovative fashion, sport, music, and media brands. It designed the first BRITs party in the metaverse with a concert from Gen Z star Pink Pantheress, and recently gave the Grammys its metaverse debut which saw the Colombian star, Camilo, perform in avatar form to a virtual crowd.

Dubit collaborated with global entertainment network, Viacom, to create the Nickelodeon Roblox world, Nickverse, which has attracted almost four million plays in just two months. The company also launched the official mascots for the UEFA Women’s Euro 2022, and co-created a $50,000 game jam for budding game developers on Core.

In 2021, Dubit launched the world’s first metaverse esports league, Metaverse Gaming League (MGL). Streamed every week, MGL partners with brands and some of the biggest metaverse games to give away thousands of pounds in prizes. Recent MGL experiences include a Rebecca Minkoff esports event which allowed users to compete on a Minkoff-branded obstacle course and enter a virtual pop-up store to try on digital versions of her designs.


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Infinite Arcade


Founder(s): Şekip Can Gökalp


Infinite Arcade launched in February 2022 to combine the mass-market appeal of free-to-play mobile games with web3 benefits such as community ownership – thereby launching the mobile games industry into the metaverse.

Infinite Arcade is backed by industry-leading mobile games self-publishing platform, Coda, which works with over 15,000 mobile games developers and 10 million gamers. Headquartered in London, the Infinite Arcade team spans the UK, US, Turkey, India and Kenya and has recently secured Visa’s Senior Director, Global Marketing, to run its product marketing worldwide.

The Infinite Arcade platform was launched to solve a very specific problem: scaling the benefits that blockchain technology can bring to the games industry. Up until now, blockchain gaming has been made up of dozens of individual games that are focused on investing and earning rather than what makes gaming great: fun gameplay. Each game has its own technology, meaning users have to get to grips with endless tokens and crypto wallets, which is not something the vast majority of the three billion gamers worldwide are willing to do.

Infinite Arcade breaks the mould by aiming to bring thousands of popular, existing mobile games into one seamless blockchain marketplace – think the Apple AppStore or Steam for blockchain games. By introducing blockchain dynamics such as NFT ownership into those games, Infinite Arcade empowers game developers and creators to connect with millions of gamers.

In doing so, Infinite Arcade protects the gameplay people enjoy while also offering opportunities to be rewarded for time spent in-game, and contribute to the community. Since its launch, gamers have already snapped up more than 10,000 Infinite Arcade NFTs which unlock ‘play-and-earn’ within the platform’s catalogue of mobile games.




Founder(s): Sam Huber


Admix is the hypergrowth technology company guiding brands into gaming and the metaverse. They pioneered In-Play, the tools to power the creator economy through non-intrusive product placements for all forms of digital content. Admix is a major investor in and developer of digital real estate, as well as a creator of captivating metaverse experiences. Founded in 2018 by Samuel Huber and Joe Bachle-Morris, Admix has raised $37 million in funding and works with over 300 gaming and virtual-world experiences such as Somnium Space, as well as 500+ advertisers such as Calvin Klein and McDonalds.

Last year, the company collaborated with the UK’s leading digital out of home (DOOH) operator, to send brands into the metaverse via the VR platform, Somnium Space. The activation signalled a new dawn for the advertising industry as the two companies join the dots blending the physical with the virtual world. Admix brought its In-Play tech to Decentraland’s Metaverse Fashion Week where a number of top fashion brands walked the virtual catwalk. Most recently, the company has collaborated with Web3 brands like Bulliverse, a 3D metaverse world, providing a way to place non-intrusive advertisements inside video games on the platform.

Samuel Huber co-founded Admix in 2018 after a number of years building mobile games and app startups focused on gamification. Frustrated with the lack of simple, seamless and effective options for monetising content, he took matters into his own hands and created the pioneering Admix platform. One of the key voices of the growing ‘In-Play’ movement, Samuel is passionate about helping creators monetise their valuable content through immersive, non-interruptive advertising that enables brands to reach highly engaged audiences. A multilingual physics graduate, Sam started his career as a Formula 1 engineer for Mercedes AMG.





Founder(s): Scott Absher


ShiftPixy is a Florida-based national staffing enterprise that provides a disruptive human capital management platform, revolutionising employment in the Gig Economy by delivering a next-gen mobile engagement technology to help businesses with shift-based employees navigate regulatory mandates, minimise administrative burdens, and better connect with a ready-for-hire workforce. ShiftPixy combines the modern perks of the gig economy with traditional employment benefits. With expertise rooted in management’s nearly 25 years of workers’ compensation and compliance programs experience, ShiftPixy adds a needed layer for addressing compliance and continued demands for equitable employment practices in the growing Gig Economy.

Most recently, as over 40 million people move through the metaverse every month, an increase in cybernetic tools, and positive sentiment around ghost kitchens, the company announced its newest initiative, an NFT Gamification Loyalty Program. The company has created an opportunity to elevate the restaurant industry and give rise to a new era of dining. By leveraging ShiftPixy’s technological expertise, this can digitally bridge physical distances in real-time between friends and family through a fully immersive, mixed reality experience built for today’s digital expectations.

The NFT Loyalty program is expected to incorporate Web, In-App Gamification, and Augmented Reality (AR) tied to brand NFTs. NFTs will be available to consumers that sign up for ShiftPixy’s food brand ordering apps. The company is designing the NFT Loyalty program to allow consumers to take their custom NFT into the in-app games to win rewards and free food items. Once successfully implemented, consumers will be able to experience the AR NFTs through unique QR codes within the NFT profiles of each respective avatar in the collection. Additionally, consumers can expect the AR experience to continue in the ordering apps, through an augmented 3D menu interface that brings each food item to life with hyperrealist interactive features.

Scott Absher is the CEO and co-founder of ShiftPixy. He brings 30 years of experience in organisational development, capital development and employment industry expertise to the company. Scott started his career in product development and support, serving large national retail chains before turning his focus to the employer services industry.



john stefandis


Founder(s): John Stefanidis


John Stefanidis co-founded Balthazar in September 2021 and a few months later it became one of the leading NFT gaming guilds with over 70,000 people in its Discord community, 1500 people playing NFT games like Axie Infinity in its Scholarship Program, and a further 30,000 on its waitlist. It closed a US$3 million seed round Token Sale in January 2022 led by Animoca Brands, and they’re about to close a Private Token Sale in the coming weeks, before they list the Balthazar token on public exchanges.

But Balthazar is not just a guild. Their mission is to empower the biggest gaming community to create a wealth-building, self-sustaining ecosystem. They’ve also launched an innovative NFT Management Program by building technology for “pNFTs” – a portfolio of NFTs. Investors who lend their assets to Balthazar will be provided with an NFT representing ownership of their portfolio of NFT assets lent to Balthazar (pNFT).

Balthazar then uses the NFT assets for its scholarship program, and deploys into games by Wizards, who collect in-game rewards. The earnings are shared between the NFT owner, Balthazar and the Wizard.

They’re very excited to launch our Marketplace where investors can buy and sell pNFTs. These assets are unique because they can be sold with scholars attached, making it easier and potentially more valuable while earning a yield. It’s like buying an investment property with a tenant already paying rent! This hasn’t been done before.

Last month, they announced a world-first Long-Term Scholar Incentive Program where every Balthazar Wizard will be given US$100 worth of Balthazar tokens, vested after 12 months. The program is designed to reward our Wizards for their dedication and participation in the Balthazar community.

The Balthazar Launchpad is currently being built where games will be incentivised to launch on Balthazar’s launchpad through our large community of scholars and investors. And an exciting initiative is in the works where Balthazar will be providing metaverse coaching to unlock earning opportunities in Africa.


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Founder(s): Levi Levenfiche, Marisa Poster & Teddie Levenfiche


In an age of constant distraction, PerfectTed’s aim is to become the go-to alternative energy drink for flavour, functionality, and health, replacing the need for daily coffee fixes or artificial energy drinks.

Teddie Levenfiche, Marisa Poster and Levi Levenfiche met at the University of Pennsylvania where they grew tired of the jitters and crashes caused by coffee and artificial ingredients in energy drinks, which led them to experiment with matcha for a healthier, long-lasting energy. They found drinking matcha reduced their anxiety and increased their focus. The trio had never felt so mentally and physically energised! Once back in the UK, they were dissatisfied with poor quality matcha and unhealthy energy drink options, leading them to create the perfect, all-natural and ready-to-drink solution.

The three refreshing flavours consist of Pineapple Yuzu, Apple Raspberry, and Pear Ginger, which are all made from real fruit juice. Each contains 80mg of caffeine for energy, and 80mg of L-theanine for focus. L-Theanine is a powerhouse compound in the matcha plant that regulates caffeine uptake, delivering a calm and sustained focus. The drinks are 100% natural, plant-based, gluten-free, free from additives, preservatives, and added sugars.

Co-founder Teddie, who deferred Harvard Law to set up PerfectTed said, “We’re creating next-generation products, using an age-old ingredient in matcha that supports physical and mental wellbeing. We’re a future-focused team, where consumer longevity is at our core. Our vision is to build a brand that not only solves modern-day problems, but is completely relatable, bursting with character and humour.”

The team have recently started building a ‘plot’ in the metaverse as an AR experience, where customers can purchase the products virtually and receive them in real life.

The PerfectTed range is available to buy now from their website:, Planet Organic, and will be available at all 400+ Holland & Barrett stores from Monday 9th May 2022.


Enry’s Island



Founder(s): Luigi V. Rinaldi


Enry’s Island (EI) is an incubation and acceleration platform that boasts a series of competitive advantages and unique best practices based on Enry’s Model validated and used by over 700 entrepreneurs around the world. The Enry’s Island model combines the startup idea, with skills, connections, commitment, and capital.

Founded in 2012 by serial entrepreneur Luigi V. Rinaldi, Enry’s Island has been ranked Italy’s #1 and Europe’s #6 Incubator/accelerator by Crunchbase (September ‘21). In the last three years EI has grown by 350%, its portfolio increased from 8 to 27 startups, and the companies’ value went from $5M to $31M.

In 2022, Enry’s Island aims at further implementing its Metaverse infrastructure. EI has been targeting the Metaverse since 2018, with its evolution “from Platform to Metaverse“ supported by both acquiring space in the main four Metaverses, and developing its own through investments in HUI, an EI portfolio company.

HUI, which means “organisation/team” in Hawaiian, is a unique Saas suite which allows the management of every business function and process, monitoring every KPI through a sophisticated algorithm that rates each startup, based on the activities carried out within the HUI platform. Thanks to this ranking feature, HUI is becoming an important startup evaluation tool that guarantees maximum information symmetry among entrepreneurs, investors, and other stakeholders.
HUI has experienced over 400% growth so far. The platform counts 1,000 daily users (islanders), 120 companies (islands), 300 meetings, and more than 40,000 messages exchanged daily.

HUI’s Metaverse will be the first one in the world entirely dedicated to the startup ecosystem. Recently, a slew of EI partners joined forces to host the first ever Metaverse Investors Day on HUI to connect startups with investors. This event is just one example of how to use immersive experiences to benefit startups.





Founder(s): James Kaplan


Conversation has always been inherent to human experience. In the real world, the way we express our wants and needs, our feelings and thoughts, is fundamentally about discovery, understanding and connection. The metaverse should be no different. At MeetKai, conversation is not a technology feature; it is woven into every aspect of the experience itself in ways that deliver the intelligence, interaction and empathy that is the metaverse’s potential and promise.

MeetKai believes the metaverse should never replace the real world, but rather create the type of virtual experiences that enrich the real world while enabling people to transcend its physical limitations. That’s why MeetKai is building a new Web3 reality – one that’s interwoven with the virtual world – because without persistent and dynamic spaces that link to real life, digital ownership doesn’t matter. Anything that you can own in the real world, you can own in the MeetKai Metaverse.

Most importantly, anything you can do in the real world, you can do in the MeetKai Metaverse. A metaverse where you not only exist, but where you can take action – learn, teach and train; socialise, shop and engage; imagine, create and discover. A metaverse where these actions carry over into real-world experiences, making them more informative, more personal, more meaningful. A metaverse that is intelligent, immersive, and inclusive for everyone.

James Kaplan is the Co-Founder and CEO of MeetKai Inc., a VR and Conversational AI company shaping the next-gen of artificial speech intelligence. He founded the startup with Co-Founder and Chairwoman, Weili Dai, after becoming frustrated with the limitations of current automated assistants. Kaplan has had a true passion for AI and coding since he was six and wrote his first bots at only nine years old, including the first Pokemon Go bot and many others still popular to this day. Now, his pioneering work in the metaverse puts MeetKai in competition with the largest names in tech.



chris worsey


Founder(s): Chris Worsey


The Sports Metaverse by SportsIcon is building a web3 sports universe.

The Sports Metaverse is a digital world devoted entirely to sports that, for the first time in history, brings the biggest sports stars, brands and clubs together in one place. Built by SportsIcon and industry veterans from Sony, Doom, Playstation Home and Nvidia, Sports Metaverse allows users to trade NFTs, buy and develop land, interact with iconic sportspeople in 3D and visit stadiums in the metaverse.

The NFTs include a masterclass offered by leading sports icons, providing unique insights into their experience and the secrets of their training success. The content includes interviews about the star’s journey – what made them who they are today, and videos of them on the training field. The platform provides users with the opportunity to get into NFT drops and buy into the journeys of some of the greatest sportspeople of all time, as well as collect the journeys and unlock amazing in-real-life experiences with next level NFT utility.

The Sports Metaverse aims to be the next evolution in the fan and sports relationship, driven by the tectonic change in consumer behaviour accelerated by Covid and web3. SportsIcon is an innovative NFT platform built on Flow, the blockchain behind NBA Top Shot, engineered by Dapper Labs and Roham Gharegozlou.

The Sports Metaverse is backed by rapper turned investor Nas, Dapper Labs, Dapper Labs CEO Roham Gharegozlou, Youtube Founder Chad Hurley, Hedera and Reserve Founder Andrew Masanto and ex NBA star Andrew Bogut. SportsIcon CEO and Co-Founder Chris Worsey previously built a number of EdTech startups including Coursematch, one of the first movers in the trend of edtech companies aimed at democratising education and offering borderless access online.


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Founder(s): Dinis Guarda


LynKey is a property and tourism developer based in Singapore, with offices in Vietnam and London. LynKey has created a new blockchain and NFT-driven token ecosystem designed for travelers to book their tourism and property experiences with hotels, restaurants, timeshare, and other smart destination-based excursions. LynKey’s objective is to tokenize all aspects of property development — purchases, leases, land use and related tourism entertainment — into an international blockchain-powered ecosystem. It envisions to connect the people around the world with the best of property tech and smart tourism premium experiences from resorts and cruises with NFTs and Metaverse AR and VR solutions.

A pioneer in smart tourism and real estate, LynKey was created by a team of international industry personalities. LynKey’s solutions make travel rewarding in every way – the platform optimises timesharing, prepaid leasing or licensing of property-based experiences geared towards tourism, while offering an exclusive reward system for its users. With a global blockchain token marketplace ecosystem and community, LynKey efficiently overcomes the need for non-necessary intermediaries, empowering its users to explore the ecosystem that offers real-time solutions and soon, also metaverse experiences.

Combining all elements from development to property management- leasing, empowering Property and Smart Tourism experiences, LynKey is proud to partner with smart cities and NFT platform-, major hotel and property groups such as Everland Group, Crystal Holidays, Wyndham Group, Centara, ztudium, techabc and many more global partners. With global tourism forecast to reach a $1.3 trillion mark by the end of 2021, LynKey mitigates a majority of problems plaguing the travel industry.



eric benz


Founder(s): Eric Benz


CannaDAO is tokenising the cannabis industry with a permissionless, decentralised, and member-governed on-chain platform. The platform is a hub for “Growers” (= its individual members), to develop and participate in real-world grow operations, both large and small, and to educate new Growers to plant their own cannabis. Growers will earn rewards from harvest yields by staking tokens.

The platform will also represent a breeding ground for educating the world about cannabis benefits, for pursuing scientific research, and for continuing to raise awareness and further promote the acceptance of cannabis in today’s world. Inside the CannaDAO universe, Growers will have the opportunity to explore the Cannaverse, a virtual world based on the utility of the crypto token, $CANNA, and NFTs. As a decentralised collective, CannaVerse and the CannaDAO offer unprecedented opportunity and leverage to guide the future of cannabis, including lobbying political establishments, leading educational programs, funding scientific researchers, and engaging in decentralised investment.

CannaDAO seeks to provide opportunities otherwise inaccessible to non-privileged individuals, like acquiring real-grow operations and building a community treasury to fund different ventures. Successful decentralisation of cannabis growing will be achieved by the CannaDAO’s members. The CannaDAO will bring together all cannabis stakeholders, from the toker and medical user to those working, growing, and developing cannabis businesses around the world. The CannaDAO is split into the CannaDAO itself with its treasury function, and the CannaGuild and subguilds which have a governance function for the projects and special interests of members.

The platform wants to encourage participation in the CannaDAO governance with rewards, as well as distribute harvest yield of real grow operations to its community members, staking their tokens in exchange for a share of the harvest yield. Members qualify for rewards in $CANNA or other cryptocurrencies for maintaining staking obligations and contributing to the governance of the CannaDAO and its objectives. Rewards may be received by members in the form of grants for proposal funding or reward payouts from harvest yields collected.





Founder(s): Dominic Ryder


vEmpire is focused on achieving true decentralisation and holding DAOs accountable. Our official platform incorporates different staking strategies to incentivise Metaversal token staking to speed up the battle against centralisation in the cryptoverse. The DDAO provides a way for the vEmpire community to buy the Metaversal haystack rather than trying to find the needle. The Guild runs the Metaverse scholarship programs which lowers the barrier to entry for players to earn financial rewards from P2E games.

It also provides the DDAO with passive profits. Use VEMP to interact with immersive play-to-earn games to earn better rewards in the DDAO. The protocol also rewards MANA, SAND, AXS, STARL and ETH stakers with our native token VEMP, alongside rewards in the token that they staked. vEmpire allows crypto enthusiasts to earn financial rewards on their holdings while also helping contribute to ensuring the important crypto projects can realise their true potential instead of being used as cash cows by centralised entities.

Currently, metaverses have become independent silos that are again being largely controlled by big gaming giants who monopolise the market by only leasing property, keeping up to 80% plus of the profits while leaving the users & community with a fractional percentage. vEmpire is a project dedicated to fighting against this in the centralisation of what is supposed to be a decentralised virtual world to ensure that there is fair and equitable distribution of value to the communities that have helped build these virtual spaces.





Founder(s): Eliza Gwendalyn


Blockchn Media Inc. is bringing real doctors and medicine to the metaverse in their strategic brand partnership with the Telehealth company Health Alliance Network, and the unreal engine 5 metaverse created by Netvrk. While the NFT portion of the project has already launched, the medical city, called MedacityMD will launch the first ever virtual reality Telehealth clinic in late 2022. The project’s mission is to bring affordable and accessible Telehealth and medical services worldwide. The clinic is HIPAA compliant and it will host a slew of medical care options from dermatology, psychology as well as direct access to general practitioners. They will also offer a virtual pharmacy and CBD clinic, as well 24/7 blood-work services through Quest Diagnostics in 30+ states.

Netvrk is a platform developed on blockchain technology to assist users in developing virtual worlds that are visually attractive. The platform’s mission is to create a blockchain-based virtual reality ecosystem for users that can be used for professional and personal purposes. Netvrk is a multi-chain metaverse built on Unreal Engine, that enables users to create and monetise content via NFTs and Virtual Land. It will open its virtual metaverse in late 2022.

Health Alliance Network is a leading provider of on-demand healthcare delivery services that benefit patients, hospitals, employers, payers, physician practice groups and accountable care organisations through our Membership network. They provide healthcare with no co-pays, no deductibles, no per visit fees through its membership services in all 50 US States and Puerto Rico. Led by a highly qualified team of entrepreneurial business leaders, both in accomplishments and community mindfulness.


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Founder(s): Ari S. Goldberg


RLBLC, pronounced Real Block, is a platform creating generational wealth through equity ownership in luxury real estate and crypto assets. The RLBLC partners are launching a Genesis Founding Membership NFT collection in summer 2022. The Genesis collection will unlock discounts and perks that allows all members full-access stay at one of the many RLBLC luxury properties.

The platform, whose name combines “real estate” and “blockchain,” addresses the challenges many of today’s millennials and Gen-Z face when trying to build home ownership equity by empowering the community to own the ultimate financial asset without sacrificing their desired lifestyle.

For the first time, the financial benefits of real estate are combined with the lifestyle demand of today’s home buyer. Through RLBLC, members own luxury real estate assets with exclusive nightly owner rates, acquired through the crypto currencies they want to use with full transparency on the blockchain.

The wealthy have long known that real estate ownership combines an unmatched lifestyle and unique financial benefits. Yet, for today’s average millennial and Gen-Z investor, the traditional ownership model no longer suffices; it is out of reach and out of date. This paved the way for RLBLC to harness blockchain’s greatest strengths and offer equity real estate ownership, financial growth and stability, and IRL lifestyle rewards.

“We are revolutionising investing in luxury real estate, the world’s most sought-after and difficult to enter asset class,” said Ari S. Goldberg, Co-Founder and Chairman of RLBLC. “We’re dedicated to creating equal access to equity ownership in luxury real estate and will provide exclusive investment opportunities for a curated community of like-minded individuals that want financial returns and utility from their investments.”

RLBLC shatters the paradigm by supporting its community to access the financial and lifestyle benefits of luxury real estate ownership, in the way they want to own it. This addresses a significant opportunity in the $43.4 trillion dollar American residential real estate market and affords today’s investor the ability to live where they want, with the people they want, without missing the opportunity to create generational wealth.

Among the benefits RLBLC Founding Members will receive through owning the RLBLC Genesis NFT are credits toward future stays, an allocation in the upcoming RLBLC ICO, preferred pricing for stays at RLBLC properties, admission to the exclusive community, early access to IRL and crypto investment opportunities, VIP entry to events, and more.

“Investing in real world assets powered by the blockchain is an unstoppable combination,” Goldberg said. “Bringing this to our community so they can enjoy the financial and lifestyle benefits they deserve is one of the most exciting things I’ve worked on in my career.” In short, RLBLC is creating a modern investment platform for a community of like-minded individuals that want to create generational wealth through owning exclusive real estate, crypto, and NFT assets.


Double A Labs

amber allen


Founder(s): Amber Allen


The Metaverse has the opportunity to transform the future of work. Double A Labs has been creating digital worlds since 2017 and over the past five years, we’ve explored many use cases for the Metaverse. Through all our testing, we’ve learned that there was a critical need for a frictionless Metaverse platform that allowed for cross-generational communication. While the future of the Metaverse will look a bit different, the next phase needs to be a 2D bridge product that everyone can experience. With this in mind, we built Double A, an enterprise Metaverse platform that promotes genuine human connection and collaboration to enhance engagement. As companies move to a more hybrid model, teams need a new way to do business.

A true Metaverse serves as an aggregator of your favorite tools and software and having a single point of entry for teams to talk, connect, and play is a game-changer for professional development and customer success. Here are some of our client’s preferred ways of leveraging Double A for their business:

+ Human Resources is bringing people together for on-boarding, trainings and team celebrations. Immersive teaching and education environments help commit lessons to memory.
+ Sales teams are connecting with clients surrounded by a dynamic showcase of products and services, and hosting collaborative webinars to drive new business.
+ Marketing teams are using the Metaverse to connect and grow their audience with high-engagement, immersive brand experiences as well as for internal needs like co-working.
+ Product Teams are gathering customer feedback for future product development.

Future iterations of the Metaverse will integrate NFTs so that users can self-identify, connect with others who have similar interests, and give brands direct access to their community. By reviewing how people are interacting with the content, companies will be able to continually optimise the experience to ensure the highest engagement.



Muhammad Zain Khawaja


Founder(s): Muhammad Zain Khawaja


Challau is creating a Metaverse for the masses – a 3D immersive internet comprising virtual worlds for social, learning, productivity and fun, accessible at the click of a button via any internet connected device.

Users on Challau have already created over 6500 unique 3D virtual worlds – including over 1000 virtual offices, more than 700 virtual college campuses and in excess of 4500 virtual homes. Challau makes meeting up online fun and immersive, swapping out 2D video tiles for an 3D spatial environment. You can watch your favourite movies and shows on a virtual TV, sketch out ideas in 3D on whiteboards, share your screen and webcam through virtual projection, and even browse regular websites on a virtual computer inside your virtual 3D world.

A unique aspect of the platform is its underlying technology. The system is designed to support all internet connected devices not matter their performance constraints – even working with low power smartphones with slow internet connections. This opens up possibilities for users around the world (even from emerging markets) to keep pace with technological innovation and participate in the Metaverse.


Dream Reality Interactive

dream reality


CEO: Dave Ranyard


Dream Reality Interactive is an award winning development studio with AAA credentials specialised in interactive entertainment experiences. DRi’s team comprises some of the gaming industry’s finest immersive technology experts. Founder & CEO, Dr. Dave Ranyard, is a 25 year gaming and Virtual Reality veteran, and former Head of Sony PlayStation Europe’s flagship London Studio.

DRi is focused on designing & building cutting-edge Web3 (‘metaverse’) experiences, leveraging its strong heritage in Virtual & Augmented Reality, Motion Controls, Artificial Intelligence, and more.

Their vast portfolio of interactive media includes:

· SportsIcon: a sports themed web3 interactive space featuring top athletes such as Romelo Lukaku, Lucha Libre, Mike Vick

· New Pangea, a metaverse featuring art NFTs including its own collection, designed by former Disney and Star Wars talent

· Bloktopia: ‘the home of crypto’ metaverse where you can earn, play and learn about crypto currency

· Hold The World, an award winning Virtual Reality experience in collaboration with Sir David Attenborough & Sky


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Founder(s): Emil Alon


Resonai is a real estate technology company at the intersection of the built environment and the digital world. Its mission is to see our buildings thrive with a new generation of experiences, community, efficiencies, and media.

The company utilises enterprise computer vision technology to empower building operators the ability to seamlessly incorporate augmented reality and mixed reality solutions and experiences into their physical environments. Resonai produces a highly accurate 3D digital rendering of any physical space, regardless of scale, creating a unique ‘metaverse’ for each property it is applied to. This process results in stores of rich, powerful data and creates a canvas on which a property can launch its new, digitized future.

Resonai’s core platform, Vera, acts as an operating system that transforms commercial buildings into intelligent digital environments. Utilizing its one-of-a-kind computer vision, and indoor 3D mapping technology, it enables hyper-accurate, location-based interactions for building owners, managers and consumers.

Using the digital foundation and highly accurate digital model of a given property, the platform enables the launch of a huge variety of business-ready applications for both consumers, property owners and property managers. For consumers, this 2D/3D digital canvas elevates properties with personalised mixed-reality experiences, that range from a visitor concierge for indoor and outdoor navigation, guest services, personal assistance and loyalty programs to immersive AR brand experiences.

It also offers tangible benefits for property owners and managers, serving as a future-proof operating system that enables highly detailed monitoring and insights on all aspects of their assets in a building and physical spaces – allowing them to integrate existing systems, closely track energy usage, schedule preventative maintenance and monitor foot traffic to fully optimize the use of their space, among other uses.

Resonai has a growing list of customers including Kajima Construction, JR Tokai Railways, Moskva Market, Goldbeck Construction, across a wide range of vertical industries such as retail, real estate, healthcare, construction and transportation.





Founder(s): David Park


Kippo, started off as a dating app for gamers to meet either romantically or platonically, but since its inception in 2019, the app has evolved and built its own metaverse called Kippoverse, where users can connect and immerse themselves through new in-app worlds, like the Kippo arcade where users can meet other like-minded people any time, anywhere and engage in activities like games: volleyball, matching cards, and soccer, activities: ice skating or go-karts, and explore: the plaza, gardens, cafes, sunflower fields, and beach. David Park, CEO and co-founder, has continued to build and alter features to cater to its user base and even plans to expand into the creator and gig economy, allowing users to create and sell NFTs in the future.

David Park is the co-founder and CEO of Kippo. Kippo is a leading social app featuring an interactive, game-like environment that provides users with a unique platform to meet other like-minded people in a social setting anytime, anywhere. In 2019, David founded the company with Cheeyoon Lee and Sean Suyeda, backed by Jason Calacanis at Launch, and former Senior Executives from Tinder. Since then, the app has evolved into the metaverse, specifically the Kippoverse, which launched during its exclusive partnership with Amazon Prime and its digital series “The Legend of Vox Machina” in 2021.

Prior to Kippo, David was a senior software engineer at Raya, an exclusive, invite only community for the elite to connect globally. He was responsible for developing dozens of product features targeting user growth and engagement and led the architecture and implementation of deploying its app. Previously, he spent two years as a quantitative analyst and algorithmic trader working in intercommodity treasury spreads at Flammarion Asset Management.





Founder(s): Jaime Bosch


Voicemod is shaping the future of social audio experiences by enabling avatars to have sonic identities in the metaverse. They leverage elements from state-of-the-art voice technology to facilitate voice conversion and transformation as accurately as possible — and are continually improving upon this process. Presently, Voicemod is the leading audio augmentation software among creative professionals, gamers, and content creators. They provide a fast, simple way to apply distinct voice skins and to create individualised audioscapes across a breadth of online communication platforms and video games. They aim to enable the whole metaverse ecosystem by utilising their immersive audio experience technology in games and applications.

They see a massive opportunity to help people express themselves in the metaverse in the way they would like to be heard. With their sonic identities, people can shape their voices to be something they feel comfortable with – or even slip into different voices for specific situations. Similar to the way graphical emojis have helped shape text communications, they want to empower people to use sound effects, music clips, and audio emojis to create ambiance, convey context, and implement comedic effects.


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