Does Sleep Help You Make Better Business Decisions?

The benefits of sleep are well-documented, the improvement in your health (both physical and mental) as well as your ability to be productive during the day are just two of the reasons why getting a good nights sleep is so important.

However, sleep can also help you make better business decisions, sleep’s ability to improve your memory, to give you a clear head for decision making, the benefits it has for your mental health and for your creativity are all ways that sleeping well at night can help you become a better business owner or employee. Maybe it is worth investing in that new duvet or pillow set that you have been eyeing up and see the differences it can make to your productivity levels and your ability to make better business decision.

Sleep and Memory

Getting more sleep aids your memory; memory is a critical part of making business decisions. Whether that be for organisational success, for your relationships with your customers and business partners or meeting deadlines that you have been set.

Recalling sales figures in important presentations and knowing your company back to front will help you put yourself in a better position to make good decisions and create opportunities for yourself and your business. Having an improved memory because of your sleep pattern can help you think more deeply about the decisions you are making and help you to make better ones in the future.


Every night that you are struggling to sleep or do not get the required sleep that you need will have an impact on your ability to make decisions. People who do not get good enough sleep are more easily distracted by useless information (source: Cuddledown), they can become more distrustful and can lose track of what people have been saying. These are all important factors in your decision making and therefore sleep is vital in making good business decisions.

Mental Health and Sleep

Negative mood and a severe impact on your mental health is one the most common and spoken about impacts of a lack of sleep. Whether its feeling less motivation to work or losing some of your productivity, sleep deprivation cause your mental health to drop dramatically.

This can impact your ability to make good business decisions as you are not in the right head space to think about your business and what decision is best for you and your company. Just getting more sleep can make you feel happier and more productive and give you the ability to concentrate on work and the decisions that you are facing. Turning the corner on your sleep has great benefits for your mental health and your overall mood and this will benefit your working atmosphere and your ability to make good business decisions.

Sleep and Creativity

Tired minds will generate tired ideas. You will find that if you are struggling to sleep that your creativity will not be the same as it was. Both your quantity of sleep and your quality of sleep are vital for all parts of the creative process; thinking of ways to make your business deals better and making quick and sharp decisions will be impacted severely by a lack of sleep.