The Best Apps To Create Visual Art

Earlier this month, we celebrated World Art Day and artists across the globe shared their talents. The global day was first created in 2012 and pays homage to the fine arts. This commonly includes, literature, music, visual art (such as photography, painting/drawing and sculpting), and architecture. Leondardo Da Vinci, famously known by artists, was born on 15 April, and so World Art Day had been decided on in his memory, years later.


Visual Art And Its Role In History


Visual art has played an important role in our histories, cultures and for the documentation of different eras. Famous art can be traced back the to Neo-Classicism and Romanticism movements, with pieces precise pieces such as Jacques-Louis David’s portrait, or more historically controversial pieces such as Delacroix’s Liberty Leading the People painting.

As time went on, art styles began to change, depending on mediums, eras and available inventions and technologies. For example, the general painting style changed when the camera was invented, as compared to when painters had to interpret live scenes in one sitting in order to capture what they were painting.

Now, with technological gadgets, artists can create art right on their phones, or iPads. Digital art has become a widely used art medium due to its accessibility and convenience- you can create from anywhere, and the tools are limitless, so you no longer have to spend thousands on art supplies!

On that note, we have picked 10 fun to use apps that help you train and refine your digital art skills, or just to use for fun as a hobby:


1. Infinite Painter



Infinite Painter stands out as one of the top painting, sketching, and drawing apps available for tablets, phones, and Chromebooks. This app is perfect for anyone interested in art, from hobbyists to professionals. It offers a range of best-in-class tools like high-quality pencils, a user-friendly interface, and the ability to transform brush strokes into editable shapes.

With features like radial symmetry, smart shape detection, and comprehensive 3D cityscape design tools, Infinite Painter facilitates all types of artistic expressions. It supports advanced layer functions, multiple blending modes, and live effects, making it a versatile tool for creating detailed digital artworks.


2. FlipaClip: Create 2D Animation



FlipaClip provides a dynamic platform for creating 2D animations, making it an excellent tool for beginners and experienced animators alike. This app allows users to explore various animation styles through an intuitive, frame-by-frame interface that mimics the traditional flipbook experience.

Recognised as the “App of the Year” by the Google Play Store, FlipaClip encourages creativity with tools for integrating photos, videos, and music into animations. It supports a wide range of animation projects, from simple GIFs to complex sequences, catering to diverse interests like cartooning, meme-making, and more, with a global user base of over 30 million.


3. Sketchbook



Sketchbook is a versatile sketching and drawing application that caters to artists and illustrators of all skill levels. Known for its professional-grade features and intuitive design, Sketchbook offers a distraction-free environment that focuses solely on creativity. The app provides an extensive variety of brush types, from airbrushes to markers, all customisable to fit any artistic style.

Additional features like layer blending modes, precision tools such as guides and rulers, and a straightforward interface make Sketchbook a preferred choice for users looking to create everything from quick sketches to elaborate artworks. With options to expand capabilities through a Premium Bundle, Sketchbook continues to serve as a powerful tool for digital artists.


4. Vieutopia



Unleash your creativity and bring your ideas to life with Vieutopia, the app brought to you by the UK’s leading digital art canvas brand, Vieunite.

Simply enter a text and choose an art style you love. The magic of AI will do the rest, leaving you amazed by the results – all with no subscription costs!

From unique art pieces to high-quality wallpapers and AI customised images, you can let this art creation tool help you bring your unique vision to life and generate amazing fantasy artwork that looks like it was created by skilled artists.


5. Exactly



Exactly is a new creative design tool for professional artists who want to use the power of AI to scale and market their work.

Founded in 2022 by serial entrepreneur Tonia Samsonova, Exactly is the only platform for artists to create art by building and training their own personal AI model.

Unlike existing Gen AI platforms that aim to bypass human creativity with AI, Exactly is purpose-built to allow artists to create and replicate more designs, more quickly, in their own unique style – and maintain full ownership and IP rights over everything they create.

Using Exactly, artists can enhance their productivity and accomplish more, faster, and hone their craft thanks to the ability to make rapid, limitless iterations on any design.

In just a short time since launch, Exactly has nurtured a community of more than 20,000 users purely through word-of-mouth and they have ambitious plans to expand the offering further during 2024 and beyond.



6. Home Art Haven




Home Art Haven is a website that launched in January 2024 that art enthusiasts can visit to purchase jaw-dropping canvas wall art pieces that shout personality. These can be nature-inspired, abstract or offer more modern vibes.

Home Art Haven utilises Artificial Intelligence (AI) to curate an art experience that goes beyond mere decoration, guiding you to discover wall art pieces that resonate deeply with your own personal story, allowing you to infuse your space – at home, at work or elsewhere – with soulful, self-expression and inspiration.

There are currently 21 wall art collections available to browse on Home Art Haven, including animals & wildlife, anime & manga, games inspired, passions, pop art and even storytelling inspired wall art.

There are three different size canvases to choose from: 40 x 40cm (£19.99), 60 x 60cm (£39.99) and 80 x 80cm (£49.99).

Available exclusively within the UK and Europe, shipping typically takes 5-10 days from the time of ordering.


7. Diamond Painting by Number



Are you new to painting? Don’t worry!

Just fill the diamond into the canvas according to the number to complete a masterpiece of your own. There are a variety of pictures in the game for you to choose from! Try a variety of painting styles and themes, there is always one for you! Improve your drawing ability. Come and enjoy the process of relaxing and having fun!


8. Procreate



Procreate is a favorite among both professional artists and beginners, offering an extensive suite of artistic tools tailored for the iPad. With hundreds of handcrafted brushes, advanced layer systems, and the Valkyrie graphics engine, Procreate transforms your iPad into a portable art studio.

Whether you’re sketching in a cafe or painting on the beach, this app has all the tools you’ll need to create stunning visual art. Its user-friendly interface integrates seamlessly with the Apple Pencil, making digital art both intuitive and enjoyable.

Key features include high-definition canvases up to 16k by 8k, a revolutionary QuickShape feature for flawless shapes, and dynamic painting with 3D effects.

Procreate also supports importing Photoshop brushes, offers extensive blend modes for compositing, and provides a wide array of color and finishing tools to enhance every artwork. Plus, its Time-lapse Replay lets you relive the creative process and share it with others.


9. Art Challenge: Quiz Game



Art Challenge: Quiz Game turns your knowledge of art history into a fun, interactive quiz experience. This app tests your familiarity with the world’s most renowned artists and their masterpieces.

From Renaissance geniuses to modern art icons, this game covers a wide spectrum of art history. Whether you’re a seasoned art buff or a curious newcomer, this quiz offers a delightful way to engage with the art world.

The game is available in 14 languages, making it accessible to a global audience. Features include hints, the option to skip questions, and life points to keep the challenge alive.

If you find yourself stumped, you can ask a friend for assistance. Completing the quiz rewards you with a certificate, marking your achievement in art knowledge. Engage in this cultural journey and broaden your understanding of art with every question.


10. Tayasui Sketches



Tayasui Sketches is renowned for its exceptionally realistic brush quality, making it a top choice for artists using Android devices.

The app prides itself on its variety of realistic tools, such as watercolor brushes that mimic the interaction of paint and paper, adapting to pressure, angle, and width. With its minimalist and intuitive interface, Tayasui Sketches appeals to artists who appreciate a straightforward and efficient drawing experience.

The app includes over 20 ultra-realistic tools, layer capabilities, and stylus support for devices like the Wacom Stylus, enhancing the precision and feel of digital drawing.

Additional features like a Brushes Editor, Color Eyedropper, and advanced sharing options make it a versatile choice for artists of all skill levels. Whether importing photos for mixed-media projects or using the detailed brushes for fine art, Tayasui Sketches provides a rich palette of features for creative expression.