Three best non-fiction books for technology geeks 

Reading is a key part of the startup and tech entrepreneurs’ journey. From Startup Nation to The Lean Startup, reading is inspiring and can help aspirants with new ideas and concepts. There are plenty of reading materials about growth hacking, social media, web design and other digital marketing hacks. Even there are books about sports betting, an industry that has seen tremendous growth over the years. And although these titles may not tell readers where to find their Ladbrokes Casino Bonus, they do offer plenty of useful information to unveil the mystery and complexity that is sports betting.


1- Generation Xbox 

Reading the title Generation Xbox might give the wrong impression about Jamie Russell’s non-fiction. It is because the book is less about console hardware and more about the love-hate relationship between Hollywood and the video game industry.

Generation Xbox is an amazing book that contains enormously valuable information for tech lovers. Russell’s well-researched non-fiction shows how the video game industry is rising and how they are now capturing our time, fascination and money.

Generation Xbox has featured interviews of several game developers and movie directors to offer persuasive arguments for its claims. Along the way, you will learn about Steven Spielberg’s dreams, gain insights about the efforts of big companies to take gaming to the next level and get to know the story behind the failed Halo movie. By the time you finish reading, you will likely feel you have invested your time and attention in the right place.



2- Steve Jobs 

Who doesn’t like to know about the personal life of Apple’s co-founder Steve Jobs, who was also heavily involved in the success of Pixar and NeXT Computer? Only very few technology lovers would likely be able to resist the authorised self-titled biography of the American business magnate.

Steve Jobs was written by Walter Isaacson, the author of best-selling biographies of Benjamin Franklin and Albert Einstein. Isaacson left no stones unturned in making the biography as perfect as he could while Jobs also fully cooperated and gave him unprecedented access to his life.




For the biography of one of the pioneers of the personal computer revolution, countless interviews of friends, family members, adversaries, and colleagues of Jobs were conducted over two years. The inspirational story of Jobs and the excellent writing of Walter Isaacson have made it such a fascinating book to read.


3- You Are Not A Gadget 

You Are Not A Gadget provides one of the best critical examinations of the internet and online culture. You might find Jaron Lanier’s dense prose and philosophical arguments a little off-putting in the beginning. However, invest some extra effort in grasping the content and you will find the book highly rewarding.


you are not a gadget