Top 10 Activities for Team Building in Autumn

As the autumn approaches, many companies will be welcoming new team members into new roles, from graduates to managers and many more. Companies will be looking for ways to introduce teams to get to know one another. No matter the size of your company, or how many staff members you have, TechRound has you covered from free, unusual outdoor activities to fun indoor virtual team building exercises. 

Read on to find out what the top 10 activities for team building in autumn are, and which best suit your company!  

1. Visit TopGolf

TopGolf is a great place to go if you’re looking to get the team together and have some fun, and they have many hubs located all over the UK – meaning you will definitely have one nearby! 

Everyone is welcome at TopGolf, regardless of their skill, and can have fun at a bay! Spoilt for choice, they also provide food and drink, as well as special corporate events designed for team building. 

Without a doubt, TopGolf is the Number 1 choice this autumn for team building – as it has it all covered for your company team to have some fun. 

2. Go to an Escape Room 

With Halloween approaching, you could take your corporate team to an Escape Room. With many all over the UK, they are easily accessible, affordable and entertaining. 

As Escape Rooms are heavily team-building based, it will also encourage your team to get to know one another better and how to effectively communicate. 

Escape Rooms are typically themed, so you could choose a horror or thriller type one to get your employees in a Halloween mood. In addition, they also require you to use problem-solving and communication skills heavily – so great for company teams getting to know one another better. 

3. Complete a Virtual Murder Mystery 

With many employees now working hybrid or remote, you may want to opt for a virtual team building activity indoors. There are many online virtual murder mystery games available today, and are a great way to introduce new team members while having some fun! 

Virtual team building activities also mean everyone can get involved, regardless of their location, making them great for companies with employees all over the UK! 

4. Compete in an Old School Sports Day

While not everyone likely enjoyed sports day in school, competing in teams in an old school sports day is a great team building activity to do this autumn! Bringing competition, fun and team-building, old school sports days are great as they are also low in cost. 

From the infamous Egg and Spoon Race, to the Sack Race, Relay and much more – an old school sports day will definitely get everyone laughing and relaxed. 

5. Do a Pub Quiz 

Pub Quizzes are another great team building exercise to get all employees involved, chatting and learning about one another. You could either visit a local pub for your teams to take part in, or alternatively, make one yourself and do this either in the office or online via a video call. Whichever you choose, pub quizzes are versatile, fun and get that competitive streak going. 

6. Go Ten Pin Bowling 

Ten pin bowling is a classic team building exercise that many companies opt for. As they are indoors, they are also great to consider with the UK weather being known as unreliable in the autumn months. 

Getting your teams together in a fun environment, such as with ten pin bowling, will help break the ice before you get started on those big projects! 

7. Get Pumpkin Carving 

Another great seasonal activity to do is visiting a pumpkin patch or do some pumpkin carving in the office! You could also turn this into a competition, to see who can make the best pumpkin design. 

Pumpkin carving is not only affordable, but it is a great way for employees to relax, get creative and chat amongst each other freely in the office. 

8. Create a Mini Bake-Off 

With the Great British Bake Off returning to our screens this autumn, setting up a mini bake-off in the office could be a great way to get employees chatting and having a laugh. 

Setting up in teams, or perhaps pairs based on your company’s size, a mini bake-off is a great way to get more creative, to better those presentation skills and to have some fun. It also means everyone will be left with some tasty treats at the end! 

9. Play Office Trivia 

For those looking for free indoor activities that you can do at the office, then playing office trivia is the one for you. One person can lead the quiz, and ask questions such as ‘How many employees work here?’, ‘How many birthdays are in August?’ or even ‘What is x’s favourite vending machine snack?’. 

Easy to set up and do, office trivia is a great way to get to know your colleagues on a more personal, relaxed level. 

10. Compete in a Crystal Challenge 

Based on the TV show, Crystal Maze, a Crystal Challenge is an outdoor activity involving 10 – 200 employees. With the choice to pick your size, a Crystal Challenge will require employees to rely on their problem-solving, communication and leadership skills. Which, will in the long-run, help work performance! 

A Crystal Challenge includes puzzles for teams to solve and will win crystals based on their performance. Competitive, fun and a unique activity to do this autumn! 


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