Top 10 Best Image Enhancement Apps In 2024

According to The Modems, a study by Case24 indicates 71% of individuals modify their selfies before posting, with 33% adjusting their lips.

This points to a high demand for quality photo editing tools. The debates still continue on whether or not these tools are a good thing for younger generations, however these tools can also be used to enhance business images such as the background of a corporate image.

Many use tools such as FaceTune to edit their professional headshots while some use it to edit an Instagram post. Which ever it is, below are ten popular apps, preferred by many for their editing and enhancing needs.

1. Adobe Photoshop Express



The most advanced yet widely used editing and enhancement tool, Photoshop Express is a perfect user-friendly mobile app. Ideal for making quick edits, it features tools for colour enhancement, retouching, and noise reduction.

Transform your images with special effects and share them easily on social platforms. This app caters to those looking to add flair to their photos.

2. FaceTune



Facetune is a popular editing tool that offers one-tap solutions for photo and video enhancements. Ideal for influencers and social media enthusiasts, it enables users to maintain a varied and vibrant online presence.

Features include quick touch-ups, makeup simulations, and background alterations, catering to all skill levels. The app provides a dynamic platform to experiment with different styles and looks for every occasion.


3. VanceAI Image Enhancer


VanceAI offers a one-click solution to enhance image resolution and quality using AI technology. It is designed to improve photos by sharpening details, increasing resolution, and adjusting colour, making it suitable for both personal and professional use.

The software promises HD and natural output, ensuring data security and fast processing, benefiting photographers, e-commerce shops, and real estate agencies.

4. PicWish Photo Enhancer


PicWish provides a free, user-friendly tool for instant photo enhancement. It excels in clearing up blurry images and upscaling photos for various purposes, including portraits and graphics.

The AI-driven algorithms ensure super crisp results, making it ideal for e-commerce merchants, influencers, and developers looking for rapid photo editing solutions.

5. YouCam Perfect



YouCam Perfect is an all-in-one photo editing app that elevates your photos using AI-powered tools. Effortlessly remove unwanted objects with AI object removal, and experiment with body shapes using the Body Tuner.

Get into artistry with AI Magic Avatars and AI Selfie Filters to turn your photos into different styles. Enhance your photos further with sky replacement, background changes, and stunning photo grids.

Embrace creativity with an array of templates, photo frames, and custom stickers. Perfect your selfies with beautifying tools for a natural, flawless look.

6. AI Photo Enhancer by Canva

Canva’s AI Photo Enhancer allows users to upgrade their photos’ quality for free online. It fixes common issues like darkness, blurriness, and oversaturation with ease.

Users can upscale images, perfect colours, and lighting, and apply filters to improve their social media posts and marketing materials.

The tool is part of Canva’s design platform, which includes a wide range of editing features and templates.

7. Fotor Photo Enhancer

Fotor’s AI photo enhancer allows users to enhance photos effortlessly online. The tool automatically increases image resolution, improves colours, and clarifies photos with just a click.

Designed for ease of use, Fotor supports instant enhancement and high-quality downloads, making it suitable for both personal and business needs, from social media posts to e-commerce images.

8. offers an AI-driven photo enhancement tool aimed at upgrading low-quality images for online retail businesses.

It specialises in upscaling photos, sharpening details, and eliminating blur, catering primarily to e-commerce platforms seeking to improve product visuals and drive sales.

9. SnapEdit

SnapEdit’s AI Photo Enhancer is tailored for enhancing images featuring people, such as portraits and selfies.

The tool sharpens details and improves overall photo quality, making it a great choice for personal use, social media content, and professional headshots.

10. AiPassportPhotos

AiPassportPhotos provides an online AI solution for unblurring and sharpening images. The tool is designed to enhance photo resolution and quality automatically and is particularly useful for fixing blurry photos, making it ideal for personal, social media, and document photos.