Top Coworking Spaces In Newcastle

Newcastle, a lively city known for its historic castle and thriving business scene, attracts professionals from diverse industries who call it their home base.

With its convenient location and excellent transport links, Newcastle is an ideal area for those who want to make use of flexible workspace solutions. From modern, tech-enabled facilities to charming heritage buildings, these spaces provide a conducive environment for networking, collaboration, and productivity.

Whether you’re a freelancer, a startup, or an established company, Newcastle’s coworking scene has something to offer for individuals and teams from various sectors.


What Is Coworking?


Coworking is a modern working arrangement where individuals or groups work in a shared, neutral space. Unlike traditional office environments, coworking spaces host people from different companies and industries.

This setup promotes collaboration, openness, community, and sustainability, as highlighted by Network World. The term “coworking” was introduced in 2006 by Brad Neuberg, who established one of the first coworking spaces, Hat Factory, in San Francisco.

Today, coworking spaces are widespread. These spaces attract a diverse clientele, from freelancers and small businesses to large enterprises and nonprofit organisations.

The growing popularity of coworking reflects its ability to meet the needs of various professionals and industries, providing flexible, collaborative environments conducive to innovation and productivity.


How Does Coworking Work?


Coworking spaces operate on principles of flexibility and adaptability and caters to a broad spectrum of users including professionals, students, and entrepreneurs.

These spaces offer a range of facilities such as meeting rooms, private offices, and shared work areas. There are many different membership options, which allows users to choose packages that best suit their needs without committing to long-term leases.

The environment in coworking spaces is designed to be motivating and collaborative. Members benefit from being surrounded by like-minded individuals, which can increase productivity and stimulate creativity.

These spaces typically provide high-speed internet, printing services, common areas, and sometimes even events or entertainment for members. Some coworking spaces also offer additional services like storage, office supplies, and corporate registration addresses.

While coworking has many advantages, such as a sense of community and versatile membership programs, there are also potential downsides. For example, the lack of specialised equipment and concerns about privacy can be drawbacks for some users.

Despite these challenges, coworking spaces continue to evolve and adapt to new trends, making them an attractive option for many seeking a flexible and inspiring work environment.


Top Coworking Spaces In Newcastle


One Strawberry Lane

One Strawberry Lane is a unique collaborative workspace located in the Gallowgate area of Newcastle city center. It is a custom-designed building offering six floors of workspace, co-working areas, and meeting spaces for businesses, social enterprises, and community organisations.

One Strawberry Lane supports new ways of working by providing a collaborative and flexible environment. The workspace features amenities such as a cafe, community events, secure cycle storage, and excellent energy efficiency ratings.

The workspace caters to many organisations, from established businesses to new startups, creating a sense of community and a socially conscious atmosphere.


The Racquets Court




The Racquets Court is an award-winning, sustainable city centre coworking space in Newcastle upon Tyne, providing flexible workspace solutions. Set in a historic sports court building, it combines original architectural features with state-of-the-art technology and connectivity.

The Racquets Court offers a range of coworking options, including hot desking, dedicated desks, private offices, and meeting rooms.

With its professional and productivity-focused environment, it caters to the needs of remote workers, freelancers, and small businesses who want a collaborative and dynamic workspace.






Floe is a community-focused coworking space based in Newcastle upon Tyne that provides flexible workspace solutions for businesses and individuals.

Floe creates a collaborative and supportive environment by hosting networking events and workshops for its members. The coworking spaces are designed to promote productivity, with amenities such as high-speed internet, printing facilities, and coffee machines.


Barclays Eagle Labs


Barclays Eagle Labs is an initiative by Barclays that aims to support growing startups, scaleups, and entrepreneurs in the UK.

Through its network of locations across the UK, Eagle Labs offers coworking spaces, meeting rooms, and event facilities for entrepreneurs and businesses.

The organisation partners with investors, corporates, and public sector entities to drive economic growth by connecting founders with industry experts and potential investors.






Citibase provides flexible office spaces and coworking solutions. Their Newcastle Dean Street location is housed in a unique Grade II Edwardian building with a dramatic atrium, stunning communal areas, and art nouveau architectural details.

This centre offers amenities such as business lounge areas, bike storage, showers, and kitchen spaces. Situated in the heart of Newcastle city centre, it provides easy access to transportation, shopping, and dining options.

Citibase Newcastle Dean Street caters to businesses of all sizes, offering fully-furnished offices, meeting room facilities, virtual reception services, and flexible rental agreements.


The Beacon




The Beacon is a modern business centre located in Newcastle’s vibrant west end and provides flexible workspace solutions for businesses of all sizes.

It has a range of office spaces, coworking desks, meeting rooms, and event spaces to accommodate varying business needs. The Beacon aims to be a productive and supportive environment for its tenants, offering free on-site parking, 24/7 access, and a thriving community.

With its convenient location near the city centre and good transport links, The Beacon is an ideal space for businesses to operate, network, and grow.




HyHubs is a collection of business centres and unique spaces in Newcastle upon Tyne and the North East that provide flexible workspace solutions. They offer a range of options including private offices, coworking spaces, meeting rooms, event venues, and industrial units.

Their spaces are equipped with modern amenities, breakout areas, and excellent transport links. HyHubs creates a sense of community among its diverse businesses through regular networking events and meetups within their coworking spaces.