Top Five Mistakes That Business Owners Make When Obtaining Qualified Business Leads

By Ron G Holland

Famed as the “Entrepreneur’s Entrepreneur”, serial entrepreneur, business mentor, and bestselling author Ron G Holland is now launching a revolutionary new way for service providers of all shapes and sizes to generate meaningful, valuable business leads.

The Quollify app will transform the way that companies across the world identify and connect with the right contacts to grow their businesses, based around a novel 30-second video format and highly-sophisticated algorithms to make perfect, profitable matches. For good reason has it been described as a “TikTok, but for businesses”.

In this exclusive article, Ron highlights the five biggest and costly mistakes that entrepreneurs and business owners typically make when generating business leads…apart from not using Quollify!

Underestimating The Cost Involved In The Acquisition Of Leads

Most entrepreneurs dramatically underestimate the cost involved in generating leads. Not too long ago, I witnessed property seminars being promoted and, regularly, 300 to 400 eager attendees would rock up and hear words of wisdom like, “Don’t wait to buy real estate—buy real estate and wait. Get your property with nothing down and make money while you sleep.”

It just so happens that I knew the promotor, one of my early business mentees, and he confided in me that it was costing a minimum of £200 to put a bum on a seat. This didn’t surprise me in the least. It’s not rocket science to work out that before you can put on a seminar or workshop of this scale, you will have to cough up £60k, which may prove to be lot of money…particularly if you don’t have £60k. I recently spied a YouTube advert that came on so frequently that I was nearly persuaded to sign up myself. It was for “As much free traffic as you like”. The guy posting wasn’t using free traffic but highly targeted and extremely expensive video advertising. I would guestimate his advertising budget was way beyond £60k per 300 sign ups.

Personally, I get a constant stream of global leads and enquiries about my mentoring services, book, audio and video programs, and various consultancy services. To the outsider, these leads would appear to be free but only I know the true cost of creating a profile such as mine in terms of money, the time it takes to write books and articles, and the time and effort in the recording studio creating video and audio programs.

It Takes Time To Create A Meaningful Leads List

Everything takes the time it takes to create a deal flow and lead generation system that actually works. It is a labour of love, not to be undertaken by the fainthearted. It may surprise or interest you to know that, over the years, many of my mentees have been website designers or lead generation companies that have no problem finding clients who are willing to pay for their services. What they have a problem with, however, is generating sufficient leads for those paying customers, to retain them and keep them paying.

My advice is that once you have set up the campaign, spend inordinate amounts of time looking at the metrics to see what is working and what isn’t and continually keep tweaking the adverts, both the copy and the pictures, until you create movement in the right direction. I cannot stress enough, in this increasingly right-brained world, which emphasises visual thinking, the importance of getting the images right.

Entrepreneur Ron G Holland has the bull by the horns with his new business matching app, Quollify. It has been compared to TikTok, but strictly for businesses, and will make finding qualified sales leads virtually effortless

Not Spotting The Diamonds In The Rough

As you generate leads, you will need to sort out the tire kickers from the buyers in a timely and efficient manner. It pays to encourage folk to know, like, and love you and I have a very simple way of doing that very quickly. My first question is this: which one of my books or audio programs have you read or listened to, and which one do you love the most? I elicit immediate responses along the lines of, ‘I have read them all and I love Turbo Success‘ or, ‘I haven’t read any … yet’. I immediately form two funnels, the former gets fed into a funnel whereby I feel comfortable about pitching them a high-end mentoring package for thousands, because they already love me.

The latter go into a funnel offering them a FREE book or audio, giving them a chance to GET TO KNOW me. Later down the road, I will offer to sell them books and audios and, as they fall in love with me, I lead them into looking at high-end, beneficial mentoring or consultancy packages. My books act as my silent salesman and you, too, can and must develop a never-ending stream of books, videos, brochures, or audios of your own. It’s all part of the process of helping you get your prospects to get to know you more.

Not Looking After Your List Long Term

Lists and leads cost serious time, skill, and money to obtain, make no mistake about that. Therefore, they need to be treated like gold dust and used, not abused. I am always sending out tips-sheets, insights, and free books. I send video links that are not necessarily my own and motivational quotes to keep leads warm and interested, leading them to get to know, like, and love me. Nothing is too much effort and I can tell from direct experience, much business has come in as many as six, ten or twenty years after first contact.

Failure To Create A Robust Qualification Process

I find that entrepreneurs and business people get lulled into a false sense of security, into thinking that just because someone has shown interest, or has responded to an advert, in one way, shape, or form that this is a serious lead in the true sense. They are immediately jumping to a false conclusion and I see this mistake repeated over and again. Indeed, it is the main reason and idea behind my new Quollify business matching app. I designed and created this to help people get to the nitty-gritty of whom they are dealing with very quickly, without wasting time on coffee, lunch or Zoom meetings.

Described as the “Entrepreneur’s Entrepreneur”, Ron G Holland is a serial entrepreneur, bestselling author, and business mentor, specialising in fund raising, cost effective marketing, and growth and strategy. He was the first in the City to raise over £1million for an internet company, in 1994. He is the founder of new business matching app Quollify, which has just launched back-to-back funding rounds for circa £3million, £10million and £100million, alongside seeking strategic alliance partners, potential acquisitions, and contributors to the forthcoming Quollify app magazine, Human Capital. You can visit and register your interest in the app and at the same time grab a free copy of one of Holland’s many classic business guides, Turbo Success – How to Re-Program the Human Biocomputer.