Hangar51 is an IAG Aviation-tech Lab powered by L marks. It is a 10-week programme which gives startups the chance to trial their products at realistic scale with actual customers and work closely with the IAG senior management team and experts across the Group.

Where: IAG HQs Heathrow airport, Gatwick airport, London

What: Accelerator


Hangar51 welcomes start ups from around the world to join their industry-leading programme. Around ten successful companies will be embedded in the heart of the business in order to develop and test their products with the chance to make it big on a global scale.

The programme really goes beyond the traditional accelerator companies and offers disruptive companies ten weeks of working alongside IAG. There, they will receive personalised mentoring and access to a vast network of contacts within the industry as well as experts across the Group.

Those involved will also showcase their achievements at a Demo Day before an audience comprised of all the Group’s senior management team and investors. This will then give them the opportunity to receive potential investment from IAGs multimillion pound digital fund to be able to scale their business.

This accelerator will focus on six core categories:

  1. Connected service: innovative devices, including wearables and IoT solutions. These can assist in providing an excellent experience for customers and employees alike.
  2. Smarter operations: big data analytics, robotic processes and smart contracting to optimise business operations.
  3. New products: creative solutions to enhance the products and services portfolio which can be integrated into existing platforms to improve the customer journey.
  4. Future cargo logistics: shipping analytics, asset tracking, and measurement and monitoring tools to optimise cargo operations.
  5. Loyalty and rewards: tech solutions and platforms, such as card-linking and alternative payment options, which are easily integrated into Avios, the airlines’ channels and retail partners.
  6. Wildcard: any new disruptive ideas that have the potential to reshape the travel industry.
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