Startup Of The Week: Temper

  • Temper is a digital platform for freelancers and businesses, helping more people find flexible work, and more businesses find the right talent.
  • Temper helps companies with flexible work recruitment, focusing on hiring those who prefer not to be tied down to a traditional 9 to 5 job, and businesses that need ever-evolving staffing changes.
  • Through secure communication using digital contracts and insurance cover for businesses, the platform offers support on both sides of the arrangement.




What is Temper?


Temper is a platform designed to transform the way freelancers and flexible workers engage with work. Through their digital notice board, workers are able to search for, apply and negotiate working arrangements. With everything done under one platform, Temper allows them to sign a digital contract and be paid quickly once the work has been completed.

Through a trust-based rating system, businesses are also able to gain insight into the workers applying for the work. Almost like a digital CV, the system allows them to select the best workers for the job based on previous reviews.

This platform includes opportunities in various industries and operates in over 800 cities across Europe, helping more people tap into flexible work.


What Makes Temper Unique?


What sets Temper apart is its commitment to flexibility and security. The platform allows freelancers to work on their terms, selecting from a number of shifts that suit their schedules.

Not only that, by helping them manage the contracting phase, it provides a level of protection that is important when it comes to flexible work.

For businesses, it offers a reliable way to recruit flexibly without compromising on the quality of talent. This focus on both quality and security makes Temper a great up and coming player in the gig economy.



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Is There a Market for Flexible Work Platforms?


As the dream of the 9-5 dies out for many, the gig economy has grown massively over the past decade. With this comes a much higher demand for easy and secure flexible work arrangements.

Temper is making a name for themselves in this growing market, catering to over 5,000 companies and managing thousands of shifts daily. On both sides, it’s an appealing proposition: workers achieve better work-life balance, and companies can scale operations more flexibly.

With an increasing number of people valuing flexibility over traditional employment, platforms like Temper not only have a market but are playing a key role in the future of work.


What Sets Temper Apart from Its Competitors?


Temper sets itself apart by offering flexibility combined with strong support systems. Unlike many platforms that only connect freelancers with gigs, Temper makes sure that both freelancers and companies are supported with tools for growth and security.

The platform’s high freelancer ratings, quick match times, and no hidden fees policy also show its commitment to quality and transparency, setting it apart from competitors.


Where Can You Find Temper?


You can find Temper at their website