10. axitech

Company: axitech

Founder: Matthew Hodges

Website: https://axitech.co/

About axitech

Backed by some of Europe’s largest venture capital firms, we are at the exciting intersection of a brave new world. In the right place at the right time, we work with auto OEMs, connected car software providers and insurance carriers to drive customer-centric FNOL, e-FNOL and claims experiences. We strive to drive forward the collision management industry, orchestrating all parties involved in road collisions by creating sophisticated and useful services designed with the end-user at the centre. No matter who you are, we believe that if your customer wins, you win.

We deliver groundbreaking products and services for the future of claims, maintaining a long-term focus on the vision we are realising.

Axitech is a start-up, yet we are not starting from year zero. Prior to Axitech’s conception, back in 2004, InterResolve was borne of a recognition that there are inefficiencies in the way collision management and insurance claims are handled after a road collision, preventing service providers and automakers from optimising their product offerings, not to mention the drivers themselves involved.

So we set out to offer mediation (Alternative Dispute Resolution) to injured parties as a means of settling personal injury claims. We empowered claimants to achieve a fair, meaningful resolution but, in doing so, avoid the bias, protraction and stagnation which too often accompany insurance claims of many kinds.

Thus Axitech, long before its conception, was well-placed to understand the psychology at play for those involved with a road accident, both immediately at the roadside as well as quite possibly months and years later.

Accordingly, we have applied our wealth of experience in claims management to the development of digital products and network management which serve the user’s wants and needs and are proven to increase the touchpoints by which they will engage with your brand, increasing brand loyalty and customer retention. Digital solutions steered by human empathy.

We are forward-thinking, rooted in years of claims experience, we are creating tomorrow’s opportunities from today’s problems. We are innovative, implementing a design-led methodology, we are constantly iterating to push forward the standard of claims and our commitment to innovation. And, we have a human touch, building solutions which put the customer, their circumstances and their well-being at the core of our design

Delivering collision services that drive volume into your supply chain is difficult. Our Connected Collision Management Platform makes it easy to spin up new proactive services that drive win-win outcomes for you, the customer, and their insurer.

Intelligent Collision Management in weeks, not years. Axitech provides pioneering automotive collision and claims management solutions, empowering Connected Car companies to deliver transformational experiences


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