11. Companjon

Company: Companjon

Founder: Matthias Naumann

Website: https://www.companjon.com/

About Companjon

Companjon is a leading Pan-European insurtech specializing in embedded insurance that’s fully digital, transaction-triggered, and hassle-free. As a B2B business, we’re pushing the boundaries of insurance, bringing flexible and fully automated solutions to customers’ online bookings and purchases.

Companjon strives to reinvent how people think about and experience insurance with innovative, digital-driven solutions. As a fully licensed underwriter and tech distributor, we design, build and underwrite embedded insurance for global online businesses seeking to enhance their existing customer offerings.

  • Product design & development
  • Pricing & underwriting
  • Operations & customer service
  • Automated claims & payouts
  • Dynamic & real-time solutions
  • Fully scalable across markets

We seamlessly integrate embedded and fully parametric insurance into any platform or ecosystem, complementing and upselling our existing partners’ offerings. Our fully dynamic and white-label flexibilities help impact business growth and customer needs.

  • Drive customer convenience
  • Increase satisfaction
  • Generate additional revenues
  • Differentiate from the competition
  • Accelerate user transactions

Our embedded insurance solutions are the safety net and confidence boost customers need when travelling or buying experiences don’t go as planned.

Companjon specializes in embedded insurance for any ecosystem across multiple industries. Because of this, our products are fully flexible, digitally enabled, tailored to your customer’s needs and built to fit your current tech setup for industries including:

  • Finteck & Neobank
  • Travel
  • Mobility
  • Ticketing Platforms
  • Telco

Delight your customers with insurance offerings that bring digital experiences such as transaction-triggered insurance, enhanced interactions, automated claims processing and instant payouts.


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