13. Superscript

Company: Superscript

Founder: Cameron Shearer

Website: https://gosuperscript.com/advised/

About Superscript

Insurance should be a smooth ride, not a hop, skip and a jump. Every business – from micro to multinational – should be able to get the right cover, made to suit its needs. We qualify, quantify and offer insurance using data, analysis and technology, but we serve a huge number of business types, from dog walkers to dieticians, landlords to locksmiths, crafters to cryptocurrency exchanges. Superscript is here to keep businesses moving. We’re proud to have helped make insurance fit for today and ready for tomorrow.

We’re not like other brokers. We combine proprietary systems with enriched data to provide hyper-efficient, totally transparent and digital-first cover. Our way of working allows you to keep blazing trails, scaling up and operating at speed, and allows us to advise you in real-time, always keeping on top of things. We’re open about what you need, and how it works with your tolerance for risk. With in-house experts everywhere we look, we offer a full stack of commercial and liability insurance products in four main verticals: Technology, Professional & Financial services, Emerging Technology, and Life Sciences.

Recently, we’re incredibly proud to announce that Superscript has organised the first Lloyd’s of London-backed line slip to increase the accessibility of property insurance for crypto-miners. The line slip combines capacities from a panel of leading Lloyd’s of London insurers willing to provide dedicated insurance to crypto-mining businesses – an industry which has traditionally struggled to find insurers willing to underwrite risks for their facilities.

Our offices are in London and Rotterdam. From here, and there, we maintain accounts around the globe, from the lowlands of Europe to the lakes of Canada, from the uppercase letters of the UK and USA, to the cities and spaces of Australia.


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