15. Insurely

Company: Insurely

Founders: Martin Einemo, Lotta Rauséus, Johan Forsman and Eric Lövinder-Seveliu

Website: https://www.insurely.com/

About Insurely

Insurely was founded in 2018 with the aim of making the insurance industry open and obvious. With our open insurance solutions, we offer consumers an understanding of insurance to help them make better choices, and help our partners understand their customers to increase conversion and satisfaction. We use the power of open insurance to create win-win solutions for the insurance industry. If that sounds exciting to you, we’re probably a match.

Our data collection products empower you to create the transparent and modern insurance experiences that consumers demand today, so you can maximize engagement, conversion, and revenue.

Get real-time insights into policy details, coverage, and more – directly from your customer’s current insurance providers. All through one single integration.

Open insurance enables information sharing within the insurance industry. It creates more open relationships between insurance companies and their customers — relationships based on trust, understanding, and an enormous amount of data. It’s a win-win; the win for providers is better insights about their insurance products, and the win for consumers is more enjoyable insurance experiences.

Insurely is the provider of open insurance solutions, aiming to create better conditions for all parties in the insurance industry. We live in a complex world with complicated matters. By tapping into our people’s skills, knowledge, and experiences, we channel it all into insurance experiences that are simpler and easier. We know open insurance. We’re also good at using it.


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