16. Bima

Company: Bima

Founder: Gustaf Agartson

Website: https://bimamilvik.com/contact

About Bima

In 2010, co-founders Gustaf Agartson, Mathilda Strom and Oscar Westergard launched BIMA MILVIK in Ghana, with a vision to disrupt the traditional insurance industry by bringing affordable insurance to underserved customers. Leveraging on this experience, BIMA MILVIK expanded rapidly to provide families with all-in-one health solutions.

We live in a world where billions of people do not have access to essential health solutions, and millions are still pushed into extreme poverty because of health expenses. We are working towards a future where everyone has access to affordable, high-quality healthcare.

We challenge the status quo in emerging markets. We do what others said couldn’t be done. In a decade, we have changed the way emerging market consumers experience health solutions by unlocking the power of mobile technology.

Our customer promises represent the commitments we make to each and every customer. We use them as our compass to guide how we design, distribute, and deliver our health solutions.

By leveraging on technology, we have been able to provide high-quality, proactive healthcare regardless of location. Our unique health subscription model ensures affordability for customers and their families. We operate in 10 markets across South Asia, Southeast Asia and Africa.

At BIMA we combine digital innovations with a human touch, through our agents and Doctors, to reach emerging market customers with vital health solutions. We partner with mobile money providers, mobile operators and leading insurance underwriters. This means we can reach customers on channels they already use and with partners that they trust.

BIMA is made up of talented, intelligent and adventurous individuals. Our success is a reflection of the strength of our team.

We have the spirit and energy of a start-up, but the maturity, financial clout and confidence that comes with being an industry leader. We live by our values. They capture the essence of our business; they are what makes BIMA special, successful and a place where we all love to work.


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