17. Albany Group

Company: Albany Group

Founder: Stewart Griffiths

Website: https://www.albanygrp.com/

About Albany Group

Founded in 2007, Albany Group specialises in risk and intelligence software and is proud to serve some of the biggest names in insurance and financial services. The company is built on decades of the insurance industry, analytical and military expertise — focused on delivering the most powerful intelligent risk management platform, utilising pioneering technologies and applications.

Ultimately, our mission is to bring our customers control, insight and simplicity — to drive efficiencies, protect reputations and embed supply chain regulatory compliance. Our principles underpin everything we do: We deploy the best consultants and practitioners to provide the most reliable and professional services: delivery is professional and expedient; work autonomous, confident and at maximum capacity. Our relentless pursuit of excellence means “good” is never good enough.

Albany Group is committed to the provision of independent and objective advice. We see autonomy as our greatest strength and we will provide what we believe is the best for our clients without compromise.

Albany Group also delivers Conect™ — ground-breaking regulatory technologies to bring complete control, insight and simplicity to your insurance and financial services supply chains:

1. Risk intelligence technology that puts you in control — to save time, reduce costs and automate regulatory compliance.
2. Harness trusted data, cross-sector expertise and intelligent analysis for complete oversight, performance management and audit of your supply chain.
3. Code-free configuration and intuitive screens ensure that Conect™ simplifies the most complex processes.

Albany Group has developed strong relationships with a range of sector-specific partners to bring additional insight and expertise from legal to audit to outsourcing to accountancy to insurance.


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