18. Planet Watchers

Company: Planet Watchers

Founders: Ariel Smoliar and Roi Shilo

Website: https://www.planetwatchers.com/

About Planet Watchers

PlanetWatchers was founded by ex-members of an elite Israeli military intelligence unit with the single goal of bringing the analysis of synthetic aperture radar (SAR) to the commercial world.

Unlike traditional remote sensing methods that rely on optical data, often restricted by poor weather or light conditions, SAR operates in all weather and light conditions, allowing for 100% visibility.

SAR (Synthetic Aperture radar) is a powerful remote sensing technology bouncing microwave signals off the Earth’s surface to detect physical properties. It is used to create high-resolution two or three-dimensional representations of objects, such as landscapes and its elements.

Imagery can be captured day and night, without the usual visibility limitations of optical data and is well suited to monitoring extensive areas.

SAR data is an incredibly complex and challenging data source that requires unique skills and accumulated knowledge. We use our skills in advanced machine learning and highly efficient algorithms to turn comprehensive geospatial data sources into valuable and actionable insights.

Focussing predominantly within the crop insurance industry, we turn months of manual assessment into minutes of automated analysis. Our accurate and efficient analysis, available on a global scale is used by the crop insurance industry to support insurance policies and validate claims data.

Planting dates, acreage reporting, crop classification and detailed damage analysis of flood and wind events are a few of the core services we offer. Climate change is bringing about vast changes within the agricultural sector. We provide cover crop and tillage detection as part of our advanced services, supporting sustainable agriculture.

Our crop monitoring service is supported by historical analysis and allows for accurate and automatic identification of both policy and claims data. The sensitivities of our analysis ensures that we can make qualified loss projections by identifying the impacted areas, the crop type, the age of the crop and the severity of damage caused.


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