19. Instanda

Company: Instanda

Founder: Tim Hardcastle

Website: https://instanda.com/


About Instanda

INSTANDA’s beginning is much like many other technology breakthrough – born from a frustration of how legacy systems were holding back insurance productivity. Its founders knew there had to be a better way.

With a shared ambition and years of hands-on CIO-level experience of working with major insurance businesses and insurance software providers, they set about to transform the protracted insurance product roadmap. To prove that it didn’t have to be this way.

INSTANDA’s senior leadership team has a deep level of expertise in insurance and technology services, with over 300 years of combined industry experience among them. They guide a team of 120+ highly-talented professionals globally.

With INSTANDA’s expertise, carriers and MGAs can rest assured that our platform is built to adapt to the ever-changing needs of the insurance industry. All because we know insurance. INSTANDA is quite simply, an insurance platform built for insurers, by insurers.

We are on a mission to digitise the insurance industry. We are solving challenges for all insurance providers, enabling them to offer unrivalled customer experience at low cost.

Insurers now have the option to be first to launch in a new market, with uniquely designed products that are completely customisable to each insurer. By becoming part of a movement that pushes the boundaries of insurance technology, users convert more customers and generate new revenue streams in a matter of weeks or months – not years.

INSTANDA is the first solution of its kind – a fully customisable SaaS-based policy administration platform that enables insurers to get ahead of the competition, with lightning-quick agility. At INSTANDA, we walk our clients through the product design and implementation process to help insurers. Typical deployment for INSTANDA users is around 8-12 weeks, allowing clients to capitalise on market opportunities with breakneck speed.

In 10 years we want every major/progressive insurer in the world to use INSTANDA so they can better serve and protect people and assets around the world.



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