22. Marshmallow

Company: Marshmallow

Founder(s): Oliver Kent-Braham and Alexander Kent-Braham

Website: https://www.marshmallow.com/

Description: Marshmallow uses bespoke technology to offer customers the fairest, most efficient and cheapest insurance offering for their needs and requirements.




Marshmallow have raised over $30 million through funding rounds and are a truly unique insurtech company, with total control of the entire value chain when it comes to insurance policies; from sign-up and pricing through to the claims process. This means that Marshmallow are unrivalled in their ability to deliver a uniquely satisfying and efficient customer journey and customer experience. The global insurance market is worth trillions of dollars, but it is an industry with old and outdated practices across the board and across the world. Marshmallow started out by offering car insurance in the UK but are growing globally and will soon be offering many different insurance products across many geographies and global destinations, all driven by technology and efficiency.