23. Cytora

Company: Cytora

Founder(s): Aeneas Wiener, Richard Hartley, Joshua Wallace

Website: https://cytora.com/

Description: Cytora is a technology company that transforms underwriting for commercial insurance, using a risk engine and artificial intelligence.


Having raised more than $40 million in funding, Cytora transforms the often tedious and detailed underwriting processes very often experienced by commercial insurance companies and underwriters. Cytora’s Risk Engine uses artificial intelligence (AI) to learn risk patterns over time, building up a picture and understanding of the risks associated with each case. This enables insurers to underwrite policies more efficiently and deliver fairer prices to customers. Cytora’s mission is to raise the insurance industry to a new standard where insurance is fast, fair and efficient and built on a foundation of tractable’s detailed data. The company’s products allow insurers to enhance underwriting profitability through increased accuracy and efficiency over time.