24. Pikl

Company: Pikl

Founder(s): Louise Birritteri

Website: www.pikl.com

Description: Specialist insurance for Airbnb, let holiday homes & more…



Pikl is a specialist insurer serving the needs of the Sharing Economy and the “On-Demand” Economy, providing specialist insurance for hosts.

The company enables customers to insure the things they love by delivering market-leading usage-based insurance products and experiences so that people are able to confidently share their assets and skills globally.

Launched in 2016, Pikl wanted to match the consumer demand for peer-to-peer services such as Uber and Airbnb and offer an insurance solution especially for this purpose.

Recently, Pikl partnered with First Underwriting, Accredited Insurance, and the Claims Consortium Group to enhance their flexible underwriting capacity for property and vehicle products. The aim of this is to be more agile as a company and bring products to market in a matter of weeks.

Additionally, they have refocused their business following the events of the pandemic after short-term rental bookings plummeted by 90%. To combat this they switched their target business areas during lockdown in order to remain current and relevant.