26. Pattern Insurance

Company: Pattern Insurance

Founder: Meitav Harpaz

Website: https://patterninsurance.com


About Pattern Insurance

The Pattern platform handles global embedded insurance transactions for many customers, including Lastminute, Amadeus, Issta and Invia. As a registered MGA, we are making it easy for businesses in the travel, ticketing and leisure industries to offer protection and guarantees.

Embedded is such an exciting space to be in. Legacy products and technology have made it hard for businesses to sell protection directly to customers. Pattern enables businesses to intelligently use existing data to present end customers with relevant real-time insurance and services in the booking pathway.

Customer demand
Patterns team source and identify flexible protections and services from a wide range of global partners. Our products’ coverage is mixed and matched according to specific use cases, and Pattern enables fast implementation. Relevant, real-time products based on customer needs are integrated seamlessly into the customer journey.

A/B Testing
The Pattern platform delivers cutting-edge technological capabilities using AI, machine learning, parametric capabilities and APIs, enabling personalisation, real-time pricing, and immediate compensation dispensed automatically while remaining compliant with the local regulatory requirements.

Whether it’s optimizing the content of a message or building a better customer journey, continuously improving this improves the journey and overall revenues. Our platform makes it simple to complete rigorous testing of data points to fuel every message and campaign effectively.

Pattern leverages technology and data to provide an amazing customer experience. Their aim is to eliminate all the reasons insurance gets a bad reputation, namely inadequate coverage, complex policies and difficult claims processes. Automated, simple and clear parametric insurance products that don’t require filing claims or proving loss. These can pay out automatically hours after an incident occurs.

Pattern co-founder and CEO Meitav Harpaz says: “Embedded insurance is evolving at pace to keep up with today’s customers our ambition is to make it easy for businesses to add protection into their value proposition.”


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