27. Acturis

Company: Acturis

Founders: David McDonald and Theo Duchen

Website: https://www.acturis.com/


About Acturis

As the UK’s leading Software–as–a–Service provider for general insurance, we know a thing or two about making markets tick. For the last 20 years, working with brokers, insurers and MGAs, we’ve helped create and shape the market of today. And together with our partners, we’re creating the market of tomorrow.

We don’t just connect markets, we create them. To be more efficient, effective and profitable for everyone involved.
Software in insurance has a mixed track record, often increasing, rather than reducing, the workload. We created Acturis on the basis that whatever the tech and, whatever its application, it had to improve the business experience.
Since day one, we have been doing the hard work behind the scenes to allow our clients to focus on what is most important – running their business in the most efficient and effective way possible.

The Acturis system re-uses data across all document types and allows you to generate branded documents, emails and SMS automatically, all of which are held in your integrated document management facility.


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