28. Broker Insights

Company: Broker Insights

Founder: Fraser Edmond

Website: https://brokerinsights.com/


About Broker Insights

Brokers Insights was founded in 2018 by leaders in commercial insurance and is backed by Chroma Ventures. Bringing together insurance industry know-how and tech expertise, we launched the first data and distribution platform for the commercial insurance market.  This insight and understanding is delivering more effective and efficient insurer product distribution to regional brokers through automation, collaboration tools, and real-time data. The platform is also supporting brokers’ insurer engagement and placement. Our award-winning platform now connects leading insurers, including AXA, QBE, Hiscox, Markel and Ecclesiastical, with over 173 brokers across 460+ offices who collectively hold c£1.2 billion GWP for businesses across the UK.  Broker Insights recently launched Market Management for large brokers to give them our original platform’s benefits for use with their own panel of insurance partners.

Limited by time-consuming, fragmented systems and traditional distribution methods, the insurance industry has been slow to take advantage of digital opportunities and data-led insight. At Broker Insights, we unlock technology and data, enabling insurers and brokers to develop a new way of working. Our unique, market-leading capability is transforming insurer distribution and sales, and delivering trading and broking efficiency.

Our vision is to use technology to unlock commercial insurance market data and give insurers and brokers the knowledge they need to transform their relationships. Improving how brokers and insurers work together results in better products and better services for customers, allowing businesses to focus on what they are great at.


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