3. Fadata Group

Company: Fadata Group

Founder: Liselotte Munk

Website: https://www.fadata.eu/

About Fadata Group

Fadata is a core software solution provider for the insurance industry, with over 25 years of experience.
Fadata supports insurance companies with digital transformation, effortless day-to-day business and achieving long-term goals – across all lines of business! It is time to say goodbye to the restraints and burgeoning costs of legacy systems. Fadata delivers the means to realise evolution in a controlled, low-risk way.

Fadata is changing the way core software serves insurers. Its comprehensive end-to-end insurance platform, INSIS, delivers an open environment, ready-made enterprise solution and containerised modules. INSIS is a constantly evolving, single, highly flexible, low-code process platform that can be deployed and localized across geographies.

With its latest INSIS release, Fadata ushers in a new age of digital insurance business. Fadata has built revolutionary technology that enables insurers to react to the changing requirements of modern customers in real-time to always remain current and to grow efficiently. More than that, Fadata also provides insurers with the ability to innovate freely so that trendsetters can look for ways to evolve in the industry. Thanks to a revolutionary new infrastructure, the INSIS platform takes a giant leap towards being cloud-ready, offering Fadata clients security, scalability and upgradability on a different level.

Rather than constraining choice, with Fadata and the INSIS platform, insurance businesses have the freedom to explore the various vendor options available to them, which has the potential to deliver cost savings and more tailored, efficient operations. Now, clients have the power to choose between two different database providers, choose cloud provider, and a number of preferred partners for the ultimate flexibility. Full embracing open insurance, Fadata has containerized the individual modules of INSIS creating a fully open environment.

Containerization introduces a complete shift in technology. Not only does it mean that insurers can have a running environment ready in minutes (rather than days), but they can also enjoy speedy, continuous updates and the ability to choose how and when they happen, all with zero business interruption. Furthermore, new business features can be added seamlessly, significantly reducing the time to market so that insurers can react to changing market demands as well as innovate into the future.

With a consumer-centric design philosophy, Fadata has recently introduced Fadata Ecosystem – the future of insurance enterprise. Insurers will be able to tap into a multitude of value-added applications so that they can seamlessly deploy new technology capabilities from different technology leaders. The pre-approved partner solution is designed to support the need to meet changing consumer needs and expectations with fast-paced innovation, enabling insurance companies to scale flexibly with less cost and less effort.


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