34. Konsileo

Company: Konsileo

Founder(s): John Warburton

Website: https://konsileo.com/

Description: Konsileo is a commercial insurance broker using technology to empower individuals and replace hierarchical management




Konsileo uses technology to disrupt the commercial insurance sector. It is an insurance brokers which aims to empower individuals and use professional collaboration in lieu of hierarchical management.

Konsileo helps you to protect your business with insurance and risk management solutions tailored to your needs with their national network of highly experienced commercial insurance brokers. Underpinned by the very latest technology, their want to take the time to really know your organisation and become trusted risk advisors.

Their business model is two-fold. Firstly, they want to address the operational challenges of traditional commercial insurance including data capture, regulatory compliance and duplication. They do this using an intuitive platform which is more time-efficient for brokers so that they can focus on securing new clients and retaining their existing clients.

The second part is based on sophisticated technology solutions which aim to create a collaborative and supportive network of modern brokers. Rather than competition and hierarchy, they want to encourage brokers to share their expertise, support each other and receive rewards for working together and collaboration.