35. Gryphon Group Holdings Limited

Company: Gryphon Group Holdings Limited

Founder(s): Daniel Pender and Simon Davis

Website: www.gghltd.co.uk

Description: Gryphon Group Holdings Limited is an entrepreneurial start-up poised to launch an exciting new protection challenger under the 200-year-old Guardian brand name.




Gryphon Group Holdings Limited is an entrepreneurial instruct start-up initiating a new protection challenger and trading under the200-year-old brand of Guardian. Guardian Assurance Limited, originally founded in 1821, has given Gryphon the rights to its trading names. Their greater goal is to protect more families across the United Kingdom.

Launched in 2016, the company is backed by £180 million in investment capital, allowing for their growth. The entrepreneurs were able to raise this sum of investment funding in order to dedicate themselves to their mission: generate greater consumer trust and offer an effortless adviser experience.

The business’ operational infrastructure was set to pilot in 2018 during a phased market launch.

The business bases itself on key values of generating trust and improving the experience both for the insurer and their clients.

They aim to offer a fresh approach to insurance and harness the potential of insurtech. This approach is customer-centric and aims to support the adviser experience. They do this based on an intuitive approach and effortless adviser experience.

Gryphon Group Holdings Limited’s infrastructure is based on digital and cloud-based technologies. The company is supported by partnerships with leading companies including Liss Systems, their key platform technology partner, a UK-based company which is part of Nasdaq-listed tech group EXL. Space is its digital interface technology partner.

They sell their services through intermediaries, their initial focus was life, critical illness and income protection.