41. SchemeServe

Company: SchemeServe

Founder(s): Adam Bishop

Website: https://www.schemeserve.com/

Description: SchemeServe is a leading cloud-based provider of insurance software, helping users to build their own product in days.




SchemeServe is a software company based in the United Kingdom that provides Software-as-a-Service, marketing support and consultancy to brokers, underwriting agencies and insurance companies in the cloud.

SchemeServe enables insurance professionals to create, rate and underwrite scheme insurance, driving greater efficiency into businesses by managing it online, and automating processes.

SchemeServe specialises in services for starting, managing and growing traditional and specialist insurance products. Started in 2000, SchemeServe gives the leading edge in super-fast scheme deployment, and has grown into the platform of choice for hundreds of insurance products worldwide.

The main advantages of using the SchemeServe services is that they have a quality speed to market and tend to do things a bit differently to what you would normally see from similar firms. Customers often remark at the left field thinking that they employ and applaud the outside of the box thinking that they always seem to have.

Founder of SchemeServe Adam Bishop has commented the following on his 20-year-old company:

“Insurance companies of all shapes and sizes have flocked to join the race to digitise, particularly since the pandemic which has undoubtedly acted as a catalyst for change.”

“Insurers and intermediaries know that they need to harness cloud-based technologies to increase efficiencies, drive growth, and deliver a better customer experience. In a hard market, the schemes space, in particular, presents a massive opportunity for companies to develop more niche products to maximise customer value.”

“We are the only insurtech with a 20-year heritage specialising in the schemes market.”