42. Marmalade

Company: Marmalade

Founder(s): Nick Moger and Crispin Moger

Website: https://www.wearemarmalade.co.uk/

Description: Marmalade Insurance offer great value insurance for learner drivers and young drivers as well as fantastic offers on new cars for young drivers.




Marmalade Insurance offer a range of products to help young drivers get on the road safely, efficiently and in an affordable way.

The company was started in 2006 by father and son Nick and Crispin Moger. During this time, there were limited options for young people to get insured affordably – many insurers preferring to avoid young drivers or price them out.

The extortionate costs meant many young drivers were buying older (more dangerous) cars to keep the costs down.

At a time where most insurers wanted to avoid young drivers, Marmalade claim “we actively sought to offer insurance exclusively to them. Working with insurers that supported us with this vision, we started by selling cars with reduced insurance premiums for young drivers, soon followed by short-term Learner Driver Insurance.”

Today, Marmalade help thousands of young drivers get on the road, from learning, through to passing and buying their own car. Through Marmalade’s platform, customers can find:

  • Cars for young drivers
  • Learner driver insurance
  • Black Box insurance
  • Named young driver insurance
  • Student driver insurance

Marmalade describe their vision and values as follows:

“We believe the needs of young people are often overridden by those of the mainstream.”

“We aim to counter this by supporting young people on their journey by challenging the way in which things have always been done.”

“We work with empathy, and in collaboration with our young community (and their parents) and work to provide innovative solutions that reflect the real needs of our customers.”

Marmalade was acquired by Atlanta Group on Apr 1, 2021, joining Atlanta’s Swinton, Autonet and Carole Nash motor brands, and broadening Atlanta’s reach to young drivers. Marmalade’s CEO Crispin Moger has made the following comments on the matter:

“Here at Marmalade we’re delighted to become part of the Atlanta Group, and excited for the future. There’s a rising demand for telematics and flexible policies, and we plan to be there to meet it. With Atlanta’s systems, resources and expertise we can move further and faster – and offer more young drivers simple and affordable ways to get behind the wheel.”