32. Artificial Labs

Company: Artificial Labs

Founder(s): Johnny Bridges and David King

Website: https://artificial.io/

Description: Making insurance frictionless. London InsurTech providing seamless experiences across the insurance value chain.




Artificial Labs was founded in 2013 by David King and Johnny Bridges. In this year, they started to develop and fine-tune their technology, offering highly polished and data intensive solutions for some of the biggest global brands. 2015 saw expansion for the company, allowing them to open an office in Warsaw, Poland alongside their London-based headquarters. In 2019, they were able to finish their seed round helping them to expand their network of brokers and underwriters to continue their growth.

Artificial Labs builds tools for insurers which allow them to operate faster, more efficiently and more accurately and make insurance ‘frictionless’.

These tools are dependent on ArtificialOS which is a collection of API-driven building blocks in order to accommodate the needs of all insurers, big or small. The technology relies on the most up-to-date cloud-based tools and Machine Learning techniques. Through this, they are able to digitise the process and offer insurers and their customers the best experience possible.

The service-based architecture of this technology means that these different blocks can be combined and integrated to match the needs and requirements of the particular insurer, covering anything from automated claims through to policy management. Their process is as simplified as possible, meaning that data need only be captured once.

This bespoke approach, coupled with premium 24-hour customer support and price packages which include security and upgrades, has made Artificial Labs one of the leading insurtech companies.

In April 2019, the company announced a seed funding round of £4.2 million.