31. Insurami


Company: Insurami

Founder(s): Majed Chaaraoui and Arnor Davidsson

Website: https://www.insurami.com/

Description: Insurami aims to radically transform onboarding and risk management in commercial real estate.




Insurami is a technology focused insurance platform that aims to redesign protection for landlords. The company is led by cofounders Majed Chaaraoui and Arnor Davidsson, and aims to solve the problem of the office deposit, which is a business issue that affects 20 trillion pounds of real estate around the world.

In a business model that previously favoured landlords the world over, the quick rise of companies like Wework caused the fatal flaws to appear in the model when businesses were able to quickly and cheaply secure office space in some of the most prime locations in the world. 

The main reason that tenants are rejecting traditional options for securing office space is the fact that businesses need to provide anywhere from 6 months to 12-month rent to make up the office deposit. Insurami can help mitigate the need for such a large deposit and offers faster tenant checking. They simply offer the same protection as the traditional model, while operating at a lower cost. 

With Insurami, a landlord can check a company’s financial position with the startup’s software and exclusive landlord data that goes back decades. The costs saved are reflected back onto the tenants, with some saving up to 90%.

Insurami’s team are experts in commercial, technical and product design, and in 2021 have the chance to blaze a trail in the commercial real estate verticle.