30. Quantemplate

Company: Quantemplate

Founder(s): Adrian Rands, Marek Nelken

Website: www.quantemplate.com

Description: Quantemplate is the machine learning data transformation and analytics solution for insurance professionals.



Quantemplate was founded by insurance industry veterans and computer scientists to offer a new and sophisticated solution for insurance professionals. The techniques rely on machine learning tools which analyse in order to develop competitive advantages through proprietary insights.

Quantemplate’s technology enables businesses to take raw data sources and harmonise them with machine learning tools. Businesses can use these technologies to reduce their costs and transform their companies digitally. They offer a platform for data integration, automation, and analytics for reinsurance, P&C, and life insurance companies.

Their solutions enable business users to take raw data sources, cleanse and harmonise them with tools powered by machine learning, then perform analysis to develop competitive advantage through proprietary insights. They rely on a 4 stage process: data integration, machine learning, validation and analyse or export.

The company have already been acclaimed for their innovation having recently been named a European FinTech Top50 company and a Global InsurTech Top21.

Quantemplate has an international footprint with offices in London and their headquarters in New York. Their cross-disciplinary team boasts a range of backgrounds and a deep understanding of advanced technologies, product development, and the insurance industry’s data needs.