Aahuti Rai – Chief Commercial Officer at Ampersand Health


Website: https://ampersandhealth.co.uk

“International Women’s Day is an opportunity to acknowledge positive contributions that have been led by women, which otherwise wouldn’t perhaps come to attention. It is also a time for men and women to draw inspiration and celebrate female achievements.”

“Men have an important part to play in building and sustaining gender equality, universally speaking, all men can acknowledge their privilege – whether they perpetuate it or not consciously or otherwise. This includes being honest with their own biases.”




“I am glad to say that I have positively experienced the progression of equality – I am an Indian woman who entered the country as a refugee, lived in charity housing and with no specific Ivy League or prestigious education. Progress is that with this background, I have still managed to set up and run a successful business for 20 years in a male dominated industry. Maybe it is that I was naive to the injustices that were always there, or, that I was fortunate to work with representative organisations and open- minded colleagues.”

“I was fortunate to have a mother who taught me to find a ladder whenever I hit a wall. Her stories of setbacks inspire me to this day. I try to instil these qualities in my own daughters. I want them, and the women I work with to trust in their instincts and to ask for help as that is a sign of strength not weakness.”

“When a woman helps another to succeed, that in itself is a win for all women; success is not a finite concept.”