Charlotte Wilson and Sophie Wilson – Co-founders and Directors of YANA

Charlotte Wilson and Sophie Wilson


“YANA Active is an independent UK based women’s activewear focusing on designing and manufacturing unique activewear pieces in Britain to empower our tribe of ‘Everyday Warriors’ and support their fitness and lifestyle goals.”

“We specialise in high quality, squat proof, sweat wicking and cellulite combatting leggings. We make many of our products in the UK to be as sustainable as possible. We support local charities and grassroots sporting teams to help the community around us.”

“Alongside YANA Active, we [founders and sisters Charlotte and Sophie Wilson] both have full time jobs in male dominated industries. To any women struggling in those industries don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself. Challenge inequality, challenge sexism, challenge those inappropriate comments because when you do, you’re questioning outdated perceptions of women and helping to break down barriers to success and career advancement.”




“We hope that one day IWD doesn’t need to exist. We hope equality for women will be the norm.”

“As a brand, YANA Active works to empower women to be fearless and chase their goals – just as we did when we set up YANA. We might be an activewear brand, but we believe being active in life, in work, in your community, having an active lifestyle, active mindset and being socially active, all helps women to feel empowered and empower one another.”

“But we will only get there if we all work together! Supporting and uplifting one another is so important. We’re all working towards the same thing: equality and empowerment. What’s the use in competing with one another when we could collaborate instead? Lifting each other up instead of tearing each other down makes us all feel empowered and encourages us to strive for bigger goals -something a lot of women often shy away from!”

“To the other female entrepreneurs out there: be tough, be ambitious and take a risk, what’s the worst that could really happen? If you fail, take it as learning opportunity, but if you succeed it might be the best thing you ever do.”

“Believe in yourself!”