Antonia Hurley – Director and Jewellery Designer of Antonia Guise


“For me, I see International Women’s Day as a day of solidarity amongst women. A reminder that we are going through shared experiences and together we’re able to make the societal changes we want to see. It’s really important to be reminded of how far we have come, but also how far we have to go to achieve parity.”

“I remember the moment I realised how male-centric our school learning was and the extent that female achievements and history had been ignored. Whilst studying Costume Design at University I did a great deal of historical research. I became frustrated by history’s male lens and the fact that Women, whose achievements are equally impressive, are often left out in favour of Men.”






“I saw a gap in the market for stronger, bolder jewellery that looked and felt more like the women I knew and had read about. At Antonia Guise our jewellery is inspired by female narratives from the past and celebrates their stories of strength and achievement in the face of adversity. Our aim is to build a community of women who are connected by shared experiences, personal drive to achieve and of course, a love of great jewellery.”

“When I quit my sales job to start Antonia Guise a lot people couldn’t understand why I’d risk putting a good income and career trajectory on the line. I was given a lot of unsolicited advice, often negative, from people who had no personal experience in starting up a brand. I think anyone who makes this move has a similar experience. Ignore it. Be bold and pioneering; make mistakes on your own terms and don’t be afraid to miss the mark – this is the only way to learn and grow as an entrepreneur.”