Christie Stapleton – Founder of Glam Wax



“I’m Christie Stapleton and it is almost two years since I took the step to launch my own business – Glam Wax, creating a range of home fragrance products. I moved back home and began the business on my mom’s dining table and then expanded to my dad’s beach shop – until this month when, due to the growth of the business, we moved to a new a 3000sq ft warehouse in Exeter.”

“Glam Wax product range began with wax melts and reed diffusers. I have grown that to include bath bombs, and more recently candles and bubble bath. All of the products are strongly scented. Our melts and candles are hand poured and vegan as they are made from soy wax.”

“This has been an incredible journey for me professionally and personally and I have taken a lot of inspiration from my mother and grandmother in achieving this. They are strong independent women who were also businesswomen. I learned a lot from them about hard work and how if you want something, you have to go and achieve it yourself.”




“This is what International Women’s Day means to me. It is about celebrating what we as women have achieved, but there is still more to be done to ensure there is equality between men and women in every sector of working life.”

“I also think women should celebrate each other’s success. I am part of the Boss Babe culture which has been a phenomenal success on social media and something I am proud to be part of. This sees women supporting each other and their achievements, instilling confidence and encouraging everyone to push on, and believe in what they are doing to achieve their dreams.”

“This support network is invaluable and my advice is to find a support network that champions you and offers support. If you can’t find one – then create one as it really does motivate you and does empower you to be the best you can.”

“Finally, for those women who are thinking of starting a business or have just begun my advice is find your niche and do something that you love. Make sure you research it, understand your target audience. Test for ideas, get feedback and progress from there. You will make mistakes – we all do – but give it a positive spin to avoid the mistakes having lingering negativity.”