Mira Massih – Founder of Baby Boosa

Website: https://www.babyboosa.com/

“Whilst on maternity leave and during lockdown, I worked on a creating a new small business. I founded Baby Boosa, which aims to re-define baby and toddler products through sustainability, style and thoughtful design. I’ve also been a dentist for over 12 years, and I am so passionate about both my business and my dental career.”

“I once went for an interview where I was asked if I planned to get married and have children soon, and that a woman of my age is not a sensible option to take on. For that reason, I wouldn’t be considered for the position seriously. I was very young and horrified at the thought as this was not even on my mind in my early twenties. No surprise, I wasn’t offered the job, but the experience is unforgettable.”

“As a business owner and mother #choosetochallenge for gender equality is so important for me and the future of my children. It’s vital to challenge and raise awareness of this bias against women. We must challenge the status quo, or else nothing can ever change.”

“The rise of so many female founders, thought leaders and CEOs is evidence enough that there is no shortage of capability to fulfil the demands of such roles delivering the right results. I love the fact that this all started while on my maternity, this really turns the status quo around, although my husband and family have been an incredible support to ensure quality time with the children is also not sacrificed.”

“While we may generally be in a male dominated industry, if you work on your vision, set goals and invest in and upskill yourself, I believe it’s more about what can you do and achieve regardless of your sex.”

“Being around or meeting other women that are building their vision is really inspiring. Sometimes we think we need a mentor, but struggle to find one, however until that comes, I think that with positive surroundings and good influences from people who encourage you to be successful, this can really act as fuel for the journey.”

“To all female founders and aspiring mumpreneurs alike (and our competitors too ) if we can all help support the needs of the community, be unique in our ventures, and keep the greater good of the industry at our forefront, I think we all might just shake things up a bit!”